Public Service Announcement: No sweet allowed on SMRT

Here is a Public Service Announcement. You will be fined $30 if you are caught eating sweet on SMRT. SMRT will no longer be issuing warning for passengers caught eating or drinking in MRT train and station. Instead, they will be issue Notification of Offence slips and will have to pay the fine to LTA. Fines range from S$30 to S$500, depending on the number of times the passengers has flouted the rule
This is freaking ridiculous. It is just eating sweet for goodness sake. It’s not foods or drinks that will dirty the train. So long as the passenger don’t litter the sweet wrapper, what is wrong with eating sweet on train? I support SMRT outright fine for those caught eating or drinking in train and station. We shouldn’t be eating or drinking on train. But issuing fine for eating sweet is too much. There should be some allowance in the rules. SMRT seems to forget the reason behind the no eating and drinking rule and go around anyhow issue summon.
So does that means drinking plain water on train is also not allowed? So what if a baby needs to drink milk? Is SMRT going to issue a summon to the baby too?
Wake up your bloody idea SMRT!


  1. I, for one, can’t stop drinking (plain) water. Every few minutes I have to take sips. Like that how? If my journey is from Joo Koon to Changi Airport, which is 1hr plus journey, cannot drink water how? :S

  2. cl0udi3: Either you get your own transport or get out of the train station whenever you are thirsty.
    Else pay the fine.

  3. Maybe they just want to ban everything to not go into petty discussions on what should or should not be allowed. Even plain water spilled on a train will cause a mess, no?

  4. AngMoGirl: Its a small mess compared to flavored drinks. There should be some concession. They shouldn’t be picking on small things like sweet and plain water. Instead, they should be picking up those who are eating food on train.

  5. I think it’s utterly ridiculous. Now a sweet, next maybe just by merely CARRYING a bag of sweets or drink also not allowed. They should concentrate on improving the cleanliness of their toilets because they stink most of the time.
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  6. I absolutely think that fining for sweets and plain water is too much.
    Sure, spillage may be a hassle, but it’s just plain water, which is odorless. no stains to the chairs and floor either, just one plain wet mess of liquids.
    As for sweets, as long as I don’t litter or spit the sweet out, it’s not going to dirty the place right. Yes, if I throw the wrapper on the floor, i deserve the fine. But not if I throw it away properly.
    Food gets my goat, cos they stink. No qualms they carry it in, as long as it’s tied up.
    I really think SMRT should re-examine their policies on this.

  7. I think SMRT is too fussy for their own good. How are they going to enforce this rule? Check people’s mouth while they are in the train? It is not practical and makes them looks really silly trying to do it.
    I would be curious to see how they would catch the person sucking the sweet when in desperation of not paying the fine, I think most people can swallow whatever sweet they have in their mouth like a pill.
    Before we know it they might ask us to keep our mouth open while in the train.
    This is a typical example of majoring in the minors, what a complete waste of time and resources.
    Things to do would be to clean up the toilets in the station, step up security to ensure no terrorists on trains.
    The most ironical part is most people might have bought the bread, sweets, drinks, etc from the shops in MRT Exchanges

  8. Jacelyn, how can you be so sure that Singaporeans are the ones who are not considerate enough? I take the MRT everyday and I observe and hear more non-local accented people in the train than locals.

  9. Roy: It doesn’t matter local or non-local. Face it, there are people eating food on train.
    But even so, that doesn’t mean SMRT should catch those who are eating sweet or drinking plain water. They should just catch those eating food and drinking flavored drinks.

  10. >>next maybe just by merely CARRYING a bag of sweets or drink also not allowed.
    No…but if u passed the bag of sweets over the ppl outside the “gate”…they charged u for TRADING… joke

  11. Maybe the threat of a fine is a way to drive some business over to its taxis…hahah
    After all, the trains are way overcrowded in the first place
    Win win win situation for them – they even get to make a little money on the side via the fines (although they are supposed to go to LTA)…
    While the above is written tongue-in-cheek, I still prefer a blanket ban – discretion is not a strong point with some people…

  12. This is just plain stupid. Giving people fines just for drinking plain water??? SMRT is just using this as an excuse to squeeze more money out of commuters. What’s the matter, ads on trains not earning enough revenue for you?

  13. Well Kenneth
    Stupid as it may sound, it would be hard for the enforcer (the staff) to be able to distinguish between “plain water” and another drink that is also transparent…
    And then you will have people complaining that it’s not fair that they are fined and others are not – will probably just open another can of worms…
    I don’t think the train ride is so long that people will die of thirst if they don’t drink until they get off the train…

  14. I thought that is too much…
    Some people need to eat sweets all the time, to increase sugar level, if not will feel giddy.
    What about people who need to eat medicine, and need to drink water as well?
    I thought the people who decided this, are truly ppl who aren’t in the poor sector, to realize how crappy their ideas are… and simply not representative enough, of the sick and poor.
    They have the luxury of their own cars to drink and eat all they want to.
    Very pissed… and the fact that I can’t boycott SMRT, becos it’s the monopoly. I got no other choice. damnit.
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  15. I do carry sweets in my bag sometimes, especially when I am recovering from bad case of coughing/sore throat or low blood sugar.
    In my defence, I ever experienced low blood sugar when I was on board the train. I will need to take something sweet to ease myself from fainting – seeing bright lights and dizzy. Also, sweets like Hacks and Fisherman’s friend (I usually take these) helps me ease my throat from coughing like mad in the train until tears rolling down my cheeks(!).
    Hope the above exceptional cases are taken into consideration by the SMRT (???).
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  16. exactly! i really feel that it is very ridiculous to fine those who drink plain water or eating sweets! it just doesn’t makes sense! i nearly got fined today for drinking plain water on board since i got a cough today! lucky me, got away with just a warning. but i was told irregardless of whether you are having a cough or anything, they will just fine you if they spot you. its just too much already. didn’t they realise that they are so inflexible and did not consider those who really need to drink plain water or eating sweets? even if there is a need, it is too minor to be fined or anything! its just like you are walking in a shopping centre and you are not allowed to eat and drink as well.

  17. ridiculous idea..
    seriously, if tourists ever knew of this ruling, they will laugh their ass off.
    considering the humid weather in singapore and the essentials of drinking PLAIN water, no logical reasonable ruling for disallowing drinking of PLAIN water.
    If we do suffer from extreme thirst, who do we blame? ourselves for not taking necessary precautions or laws that disallow us to protect ourselves?
    i heard that if one wants to drink water, we need to approach the staff for permission.. again, how often do u see mrt staff petrolling the cabins? maybe, good idea is they increase the number of mrt staffs in the cabin. 1 staff per cabin, then easier for us to approach them too. at the same time, increase employment rate!!

  18. I am trying to find out which government Statute states that eating in MRT train is not allowed.
    If the lady is fined $30/- then it is a composition of an offence. Under which Act or Regulation is LTA charging her?
    Can any lawyers advise?
    Sorry I can’t pay the lawyer for asking this.

  19. before the smrt start operating I receive letter that the noise will be kept to the minimum so far i do not have any trouble until lately at sometime between 6pm there is a train which blast the sound so loudly as if someone on the platform is getting into a dangerous position maybe once a while people sometime do not really forget where they are standing but this is nearly every day happening so I wish Sir that can you check into this matter

  20. Jack: Just curious. Which station is it?
    Perhaps you might want to write to SMRT for them to investigate. Might be some trigger happy driver.

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