Respect your advertisement

This is, in my opinion, one of the worst ads placement although someone of you might disagree with me.
Why would anyone want to put their advertisement in the urinal for everyone to pee at? I’ve seen advertisement on top of urinal but this is really a new low. You might disagree with me and say that the advertisement placement is controversial and caught my attention. But catching people attention in the wrong way should be considered a plus point. They don’t even respect their own advertisement, why should I patronize them?
Another problem with this advertisement is that, I don’t know what exactly is the advertisement about. I think its an upcoming movie. It is not that the advertisement is unclear. It’s because they placed the advertisement inside the urinal, below the eye level. You can’t really see it when you are peeing because it’s blocked by the top of the urinal. You can only see it if you bend down. No way am I going to bend down towards the urinal just to read your advertisement. NO WAY.
For goodness sake, respect your own advertisement. Put it at a more dignify place.


  1. In the end I think that, that’s the power of “disgusting advertising” – the imagery sticks longer than a regular advertisment.
    Moreover, there will always be a team from the company itself to vet and approve that advertisment – meaning that its the intention of the company itself.
    Bruno is a movie that is meant *not* to be politically correct. I think it achieved its goal in the end.
    .-= rinaz´s last blog ..Goodbye, Yasmin =-.

  2. Not sure if it’s a new method across the board. But this ad is for BRUNO, the GAY AUSTRALIAN. p’haps the bend over bit is the butt of the joke ;p ;p ;p

  3. @serwei You mean, gay Austrian. 😀
    But yes, Bruno is supposed to be politically incorrect. It’s the same guy who played Borat – except that he’s making fun of homophobes this time.

  4. You guys got a point. It’s a politically incorrect film, so a politically incorrect ads placement would be most fitting.
    Just that I don’t really like this method of politically incorrectness. Maybe it’s just me. :p

  5. Hello there! =)
    Recently I’ve read an article that explains Bruno’s ways of advertising. I forgot the url of the article but it said that Sacha Cohen is a satirical comedian and in Bruno, he’s not making fun of the gays but of those of us who wrongly stereotype the gays, by acting out those stereotypes, even to the exaggerated extremes.
    I finally understood those absurd and outlandish ads and promotions he did and actually gained a newfound respect for the guy. Never liked him as Ali G though.

  6. Actually in the US this has been used for some time – urinal ads. I saw ads printed on the top of the little deodorant cake cases that you often find in the urinal. So people read the ad as they pee on it.

  7. If I was a guy, I think the Bruno sticker should be looking down rather than at you, it’s way cheekier! Or Bruno should be staring at you with a shocked look, that’ll be fun.
    This one’s quite funny too – aim & shoot at Gene Simmons!
    Darn it, the only ads female restrooms get are boring, girly “stay fresh” tampon/panty liner ads. YAWN.
    .-= Audrey´s last blog ..Taking The Road Less Traveled, Part 1 =-.

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