As most of you might know, I took part in the Blogathon. I must say that this is one of the best event I’ve ever attended. OK, maybe its not an event but a contest. But still, I have so much fun that I don’t mind doing it again this weekend. (And when I said that, all the folks from Ogilvy, TANGS, Lenovo and Intel fainted because of the huge amount of logistic for this Blogathon)
The idea is simple: Put 10 bloggers inside the TANGS display window, equip them with the latest Lenovo U350 notebook running on Intel Core 2 Solo chip and blog for 24 hours. And some Kiehl’s body care product to keep them looking good for 24 hours.
It was quite a mess initially. We haven’t really managed to settle down when they lift the curtain. And it didn’t help that the first display window that I was allocated to is one of the smallest around. A lot of things were happening within the first few hours. Friends coming over to say hi and support. Photographers taking photo from all over the place. Visit from the Kiehl’s model. Then we need to video the Fashion Spy segment with the crew from Munkysuperstar. Luckily I managed to get Serendipity to be my model. (KELONG AH!)
It took me 1 1/2 hours before I managed to post my first blog entry. It was only until around 11pm when I really get to settle down.
I think I had the most fun after TANGS operation hours. We basically have the entire store to ourselves. And I was fortunate enough to be allocated to the Kitchen Display Window where Sheryo and I had lots of fun with the props there. We tried using the frying pan and fake donuts to play tennis but failed badly. Then we put the fake cake inside the oven and pretend that we are baking something. I also brought Kiehl’s Mr Bone to other display window to “say hi” to other bloggers. And during toilet breaks, I ran towards the restroom shouting with my hands in the air like a mad man. Anyway, there is nobody in the store at that hour. Except the other 9 bloggers and the hardworking staff from Ogilvy and TANGS. I bet they must be thinking that I’m crazy. That how you keep yourself awake. And as I grow more tired, the more loony I get.
Our clothes are sponsored by TANGS. I chosen something that I would usually wear. Dull coloured T-shirt and Jeans. But I added a jacket in case it gets cold at night (luckily it didn’t) Then one of the production crew suggested that I add a fedora hat to my outfit. That is totally not my style, but I go along with it. And surprisingly, everybody loves the hat. They were all saying that I look good in the hat. In actual fact, I think everybody looks good in the hat. Really! (In case you are wondering, the fedora hat is from Library and can be found at TANGS level 3)
Overall, its a great event. I’m glad I was insane enough to take part in this challenge. Nadia and Nicholas won the People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice category respectively and walked away with the brand new Lenovo U350, $300 TANGS voucher and $250 worth of Kiehl products. The rest of us get to keep out outfit from TANGS and $200 worth of Kiehl products. (Oh, my hat is part of my outfit too) On top of that, we all made lots of new friends during the event. It’s great knowing Sheryo, Dottie & Stephie and Melly.
Must really thank everyone who supported me by coming down or commenting on the blog. Thank you for your support. Also must thanks the hardworking staff from Ogilvy, TANGS, Lenovo, Intel and Kiehl. And joe Augustin for being such a good Emcee and keeping us entertained/awake. (But he still owes everyone a dance)
Check out my photo album of the event in my facebook. And also check out Patlaw’s blog entry regarding some Blogathon facts and figures. Honeymeow also posted quite a few videos on her blog.
So…. When can we do it again? 🙂


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