This is, in my opinion, one of the worst ads placement although someone of you might disagree with me.
Why would anyone want to put their advertisement in the urinal for everyone to pee at? I’ve seen advertisement on top of urinal but this is really a new low. You might disagree with me and say that the advertisement placement is controversial and caught my attention. But catching people attention in the wrong way should be considered a plus point. They don’t even respect their own advertisement, why should I patronize them?
Another problem with this advertisement is that, I don’t know what exactly is the advertisement about. I think its an upcoming movie. It is not that the advertisement is unclear. It’s because they placed the advertisement inside the urinal, below the eye level. You can’t really see it when you are peeing because it’s blocked by the top of the urinal. You can only see it if you bend down. No way am I going to bend down towards the urinal just to read your advertisement. NO WAY.
For goodness sake, respect your own advertisement. Put it at a more dignify place.

PS: I wrote this blog entry inside TANGS display window.
The Lenovo U350 is the latest notebook by Lenovo running on the new Intel Core 2 Solo chip 1.4ghz. Its rather slim and light at 32.8 X 2.8 X 1.7-2.49 cm and 1.6kg. The U350 looks beautiful. There is some simple yet nice design on the casing which makes the notebook very elegant. The arm rest area is metallic and gives it a very sleek look. The U350 comes with WIFI, bluetooth, 3 USB port, 1 HDMI port, 1 ethernet port, multicard reader, headphone jack and microphone jack. It has a 2 GB DDR3 RAM and 320GB harddisk. Battery life is about 10 hours for 8 cell and 5 hours with 4 cell. (The retail unit will come with a 4 cell battery)

DSC06304 DSC06305

One thing that is sadly missing is an optical drive. Which is a waste because the laptop comes with a 13.3 inch screen with aspect ratio of 16:9.
The keyboard reminds me of the Lenovo Y650 with the Delete, Home, End, PgUp and PgDn button at the right most corner. This arrangement is a little weird and new users keep pressing the wrong keys in the beginning. It takes a while to get used to this keyboard arrangement. But the keyboard is pretty comfy to type with. The touchpad comes with multi-touch. But I was surprised that Lenovo didn’t use a textured touchpad.
And like most Lenovo laptop, the Lenovo U350 comes with the Onekey Recovery, energy management and Veriface (for using webcam to login). I personally quite like the Onekey Recovery. In fact, I think all notebook should come with this feature. The Lenovo U350 will retail at S$1399.
Overall, the Lenovo U350 is a pretty good budget laptop. Its suitable for people who need more computing power than a netbook, yet don’t see a need to get a high powered notebook. Vista might be slowing down this notebook a little. But not to worry, you will get a free Windows 7 upgrade when it is release.
In Short:
A budget laptop for those who need slightly more computing power than a netbook
Low price
Slim and lightweight
No Optical drive
Keyboard arrangement
Thanks to the folks from Intel, Lenovo, TANGS and Ogilvy for putting me inside the display window for 24 hours with this laptop.

Not many people got the balls to speak up in such manner. Glad he does. Salute!

The original draft of my speech was composed of words like ‘integrity’ and ‘breaking new boundaries’, but a recent incident put a reality check on what I have to say.

Google Latitude is finally on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), but as a web application and not a proper application on the Apps store. For the uninitiated, here is a short video clip about Google Latitude.

I was very excited when Google Latitude was being announced. It’s a great location based social networking too. I find it very useful because you can find out where your friends are and ask them out for coffee or something if you have some free time on hand. But I haven’t really made full use of Google Latitude because not many of my friends are on Latitude to begin with. I only got on to Google Latitude recently because I got a N97. And it is one of the most used Application on my N97.
I’ve been waiting for Google Latitude to come to the iPhone for the longest time. And it’s finally here. But in the form of Web Application. Which means they can’t run in the background. (Anyway, no application can run in the background for iPhone) And its not available in the Apps Store, which means not many people knows about it.
Its a pity that Apple don’t integrate Google Latitude on the Maps application.
To get Google Latitude Web Apps on your iPhone (or iPod Touch), go to on your iPhone Safari, click the + icon then Add to Home Screen.
Are you on Google Latitude already?

Remember early last month when Facebook introduced username? What happen was that once you selected your username, it will stick with you forever. There is no way to change the username after you have selected it.
This appears to be a small issue. There are some users who made a typo when selecting their username. Others were fooling around when choosing their username and later regretted.
Well, here is a good news. You can change your facebook username now. There is a new option call “Username” under the settings section. Just go there to change your facebook username if you are unhappy with your current username.
But here is the catch. You can only change your username once. So make sure you choose wisely this time round.