Everybody loves my hat

Remember the fedora hat from Library that I was wearing during Blogathon? Well, everybody loves it. In fact, I think it is starting to be as famous as my face on table avatar.
As I mentioned before a couple of times, I didn’t choose the hat myself. Someone from the production crew thinks that I would look good in the hat. Honestly, I’m not a hat person. I think some of you seen me wearing a cap before and it looks ugly. So I didn’t expect myself to look good with a fedora hat. It was one of those unexpected surprise. And the hat is good. I had lots of fun with it during Blogathon. Like posing as Michael Jackson.
Or pretend to sleep. (Photo stolen from Honeymeow)
Actually, the hat looks good on anyone. In fact, they say the hat looks better on Nadia. (Of cos lah, she looks good on almost everything)
Anyway, I get to take the fedora hat home since it is part of my outfit. But I don’t know when can I wear it again. Can’t think of any occasion where I can wear the hat out. I’m definitely not going to give this hat away. Anyway, if you love the fedora hat from Library, check out TANGS website. They are having a contest and giving out 3 fedora hats from Library. (Contest closing on 11 Aug 09)
Maybe I should consider changing my face on table avatar to a picture of me wearing the fedora hat.


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