A good day to digress to another podcast

This idea has been floating around Tech65 for the longest time. A podcast called DigressCast where a few people sit around the mic and just talk about anything that comes to their mind. Basically, it will lead to lots of digression. And they don’t necessary have to be tech related.
But the only problem with such podcast is that you need people who can basically talk non-stop and come up with interesting idea on the go. And you also need to have the time to do it. That why this idea has been on the shelf for so long. That is until Justin came back from Canada and join Tech65.
So 1 fine day, I met up with Justin to check out the new H2 recorder that he just bought. And before we knew it, we are seated at TCC recording the first episode of DigressCast. Totally unscripted and no planning before hand. Just throw a H2 on the table and start recording.
We are still experimenting with the whole DigressCast thing, so please give us your comments. And its not a podcast with just me and Justin. It can be anyone. So do check out when you are free.
You can also subscribe DigressCast on your iTunes.

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