K1 Motorsports Go Karting

I was invited to try out Go Karting last Sunday at Sims Drive. It is part of K1 Karting series tour of the heartland to bring Go Kart to the residents and generate interest in the upcoming Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix in September.
I’m always interested in F1. I’ve tried the Singtel F1 Simulator sometime back. That was fun and exciting, but not realistic enough. You don’t feel the adrenaline when you approach a corner at high speed. Things are totally different when it comes to Go Karting. If I drive the way I drive on the Simulator, chances are I will end up in the tyre wall.
This is my first attempt at Go Karting. It’s easy to drive a Go Kart. Green paddle to accelerate, red paddle to brake. No need to change gears. Very easy to drive. If you know how to play arcade driving games, you will know how to Go Kart.
Safety is the top priority when it comes to Go Karting. We were given safety brief before the start of the race. Everyone needs to wear a helmet. Signal flags used at the track are the same as those used in F1 races. And since the Go kart is very low, chances of you overturning is very very slim. The organisers reduced the max speed to 35km/hr so that everyone can enjoy Go Karting. But trust me, 35km/hr is fast enough, especially for a small track like this. I even managed to drift a little at the turns. That was fun.
The track at Sims Drive is rather small and very hard to overtake. But Neo did managed to overtake me once despite me driving very defensively. He is good at Go Kart. I also managed to overtake other drivers a few times but never managed to overtake Neo. Nevermind, I’ll take my revenge next time.
Do you know that Karting has always been regarded as the breeding ground for racing stars? Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen are few of the F1 drivers who honed their early driving skills in Go Kart. Makes me feel like taking Go Kart as an hobby so that I can race in F1 someday. (Stop dreaming, DK)

The K1 Motorsports series tour will be going around the island for the next few weeks. Check out the venue on their website. I’ll most likely be going again on 6 Sept for the track along Coleman Street. Anyone wanna join me?
Getting ready for the Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix on 25, 26 and 27 Sept 2009. Can’t wait.
Many thanks to Benjamin from STB for inviting me to this great Go Karting session.


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