Service to the nation

I’ll be going back to camp for reservist for the next 2 weeks (plus a bit) and will be “released” on 5 Sept. Which explains why I got my friends to help guest blog and also the camouflage blog header. (Which is the same that I used last year)
This year, I’ll be wearing the new number 4 uniform. The new pixel camouflage uniform. I know I said this many times, but I really hate the new uniform. Looks damn ugly lah. I know they are supposed to make us more camouflaged outfield. But is camouflage still relevant in modern warfare? I wonder.
PS: Don’t tell me to change my blog header to pixel camouflage. I still prefer the old camouflage, just like I still prefer M16. Me old soldier lah. Resistant to changes.
And hor, KNN lor. Last year we were told to sew the division and vocation badges on our old uniform, then this year change new uniform. Waste my money and time.
I miss my old ga-rang number 4. The one that company me chiong countless hills when I was still a NSF.
This ICT will be the toughest ever for my whole reservist cycle. Basically, we will be put on the test to see how well we perform. Hope we perform well and break some records along the way.

Training to be soldiers,
Fight for our land,
Once in our lives,
Two years of our time.
Have you ever wondered,
Why we must serve,
Because we love our land
And we want it to be free YAH!


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