Help SCDF name the new Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicle

I’m always worried when someone comes up with contest to name something. We Singaporeans are the “most creative” people when it comes to naming contest. Some of the winning “creative names” from naming contest includes:
The Budget Terminal named as “Budget Terminal”
The Bukit Panjang LRT named as “Bukit Panjang LRT”
Marina Bay named as “Marina Bay”
So when I heard that the SCDF is having a naming contest for its new Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicle, I begin to worry. Honestly speaking, I’m afraid someone will name this as “Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicle” or Red Rhino 2. (OK, maybe Red Rhino 2 isn’t that bad, but just boring)
Picture 5
Anyway, the closing date for the contest is 31 Aug 2009. Winning entry will receive $1000 and there are also 10 consolation prizes of $200 each. You can submit your entry here.
If you are taking part, PLEASE give it a proper name. I’ll definitely curse and swear at the person who submit “Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicle” and win.


  1. What about “Bat Mobile”? So when the fire alarm goes at the fire station, the firemen can all scream “to the Bat Mobile”, just like how Batman responds when he sees the Batman Light in Gotham City.

  2. this is not red rhino….but is called mini rhino…these appliances will be launched next year….and also there will be an appliance called RAMS ( remote aerial monitoring system). It is a remote controlled helicopter used as a surveyor to provide a real time data bird eye view of a hazardous contained area. this is to provide hazmat officers to plan before deployed their men to the ground for further assessment. enjoy these new appliances during the home team academy open house visits.

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