Tech news this week

Wow, lots of exciting tech news happening this week while I was away for reservist. Imagine my excitement when I was reading those news on a small Nokia E51 screen. Wahahaha.
Anyway, here is a short round up of some of the tech news that interests me.
Garmin nuvifone G60 is coming to Singapore soon. This phone by the GPS maker was announced 2 years ago and is finally making its way to the store. Hope they are not too late in the market. You might want to know that Singapore and Malaysia is getting this phone earlier than the US & Europe market.
Asus announced the UX30 and U20. Looks like the netbook battle is slowly shifting to the little area between netbook and notebook. We might need a new category for this kind of notebook.
Nokia announced the Booklet 3G netbook. This news comes as a surprised to some, but I was already kinda expecting this move after seeing how close Nokia is approaching the mobile computing market with their Internet tablets and N series phone. The things that excites me most is the built in 3G, A-GPS and 12 hour battery life. No news about the operating system yet but we are guessing its going to be Windows 7. More specs and availability date to be announced during Nokia World 09 on September 2.
HTC announced that it will be bundling Sygic Mobile Maps on HTC Magic. This means new HTC Magic users will get turn-by-turn voice instructions and route guidance, something that is clearly missing in a lot of Smartphones like *cough*iPhone*cough*. The Sygic Mobile Maps will include maps of Singapore and Malaysia. Now available on all new HTC Magic exclusively at SingTel, StarHub and M1 only. Will talk more about this when I got more info.
Busy week for Nokia as they announced the new Nokia N900 running on Maemo OS will be available in selected market from Oct 09 (Hope Singapore is one of them). Looks kinda like N97 with slide out keyboard and different operating system. OK, the processor should be much better too since its meant for multi-tasking. The new Nokia N900 will be on show during Nokia World 09. (Someone fly me to Stuttgart please)
Singtel introduces the most affordable Blackberry service plan in town with starting price of S$10.70 a month (1 GB bundled data). Its seems to be targeted at younger crowd like youths. I’m beginning to see more students using Blackberry phones. I still can’t figure out why they need Blackberry though.
Two Japanese scientists hackers have figured out a way to crack WPA encryption in sixty seconds and plans to reveal it to the world of hackers on Sept 25. Sources says that only Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) algorithm are affected. Time to change to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.
Augmented reality is coming to buUuk Sydney soon. I wonder if they will include Singapore too. Anyway, you will need iPhone 3GS for augmented reality to work since the older iPhones doesn’t have digital compass.
Twestival Singapore is coming. This time, they will be raising funds for Children’s Cancer Foundation. More details coming up soon. Make sure you are free on 12 Sept.
PS: I’m sure I missed out something.
Oh ya, Snow Leopard is now in Store. You can order it from Apple Online store at S$48. I’ve just ordered mine yesterday and should be here within 3 to 5 working days. Just in time for me when I out pro from reservist.

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