Preetam showed me this cool looking gadget call Poken couple of months back. Apparently, its very popular in Japan.
It is a cute looking USB device that allows you to exchange contacts with another Poken user just by tapping your Poken against each other. Once done, you just need to plug the USB to any internet connected device to view the new contact. You can choose which social networking profile you want to share.
Some of the Poken community like to organize meetup where people with Poken will gather and network. Cool huh?
I wonder will Poken ever be popular in Singapore. Is there a market for this?


  1. Great for events, esp with all the social media/ web 2.0 related activities like SMB, tweetups, Barcamps, Web Wednesday, etc. I haven’t tried Poken yet but imagine it’ll be really useful after we’ve met a lot of people and can’t remember all their IDs.
    Nothing beats instant gratification though, such as instantly whipping out my phone and logging on to check out the social networking profiles of the people I just met. Rather than separately having to plug the USB in.
    Can Poken do a trial at the next SMB? 🙂

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