10 reasons why you shouldn't create your website entirely on flash

I have nothing against flash. Flash are great when used correctly. (Example: Youtube) But I just cannot stand those website that is made entirely on flash. Yes, I remember my school thought me how to create a website entirely on flash. But that is to teach us how to use flash. There are a lot of things we learn in school that looks good on theory, but doesn’t apply well in real life. In real life scenario, a website should never be made entirely out of flash.
Here are 10 reasons why:
1. Take up lots of resource
2. Cannot use browser search/find feature
3. Cannot bookmark within the site
4. Cannot save image
5. No right clicking
6. Inconsistent interface
7. Not all text can be copied and pasted
8. Cannot link within the site
9. Most mobile devices cannot load flash. Even those that can load flash aren’t very stable.
10. Browser’s back and forward button doesn’t work
Need more reason?


  1. I do think that it boils down on the Interface/Interaction designer and how the flash site executed. Same way how a normal AJAX/DHTML or plain HTML site will be if executed wrongly.
    Looking at your list, all of those issues you listed can be solved with the right execution.
    Some of the most advance sites are built on Flash/Flex or even Sliverlight, go read up on RIA and what’s happening in this space before passing such comment.

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