Reservist Day Four – Unlucky day

**This entry was hand written on 25 Aug 2009**
Spend the morning having revision on something we will not be using for this ICT. Just a revision to make sure we don’t forget how to do it when there is a need for it. Afternoon was spend setting up that shitty piece of equipment. Lost count on the number of times I curse and swear.
After dinner, we went over to the lecture theater and waited outside. Our division commander is here to give us a talk. We ended up waiting 1 hour outside because there is another batch inside. Well, we rush to wait and wait to rush.
I always have this theory regarding why we always need to wait so much. Let’s say we are supposed to gather at 7pm. The CO will tell the OC to gather the men at 6:45pm. The OC will tell the CSM to gather the men at 6:30pm. The CSM will tell the Platoon Sgt to gather the man at 6:15pm. The Platoon Sgt will gather the man at 6pm. That why we always waited so long. (OK, it’s just a joke, but I think such things happen once or twice before)
Spend the rest of the evening setting up equipments for the exercise the next day. My equipment keep giving me errors. Had a hard time fault finding. The best part was, even the replacement parts are faulty. Super unlucky.

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