Reservist Day One – Relaxing day

**This entry was hand written on 21 Aug 2009**
First time wearing the new number 4. Feels weird. Still prefer the old number 4 anytime. Arrived camp just in time. In-pro went smoothly. Think we are quite expert in this already. After all, this is our 7th In Camp Training (ICT). Our bunk is at level 6 again. Wah piang.
We had a simple parade to mark the start of the ICT as usual. After the parade, we went for a 4 km route march. Pretty relaxing walk since we aren’t carrying much load. Furthermore, we came back for a one day route march in early July and Aug to “warm up” for this ICT. So the fitness is “slightly” there. The route march ended at the live firing range where we had our range practice/refresher. Pretty well planned out schedule. Save the transport and petrol to drive us to the range.
The format of the range has been changed. Somehow I feel that it is easier this time once you get the hang of it. I’m usually pretty good at range and this is no exception. Hit 7 out of 8 target. Was cursing and swearing when I missed the last target.
We had packed lunch at the range. The first lunch for ICT is usually the best and this is no exception. Spend the rest of the afternoon in range resting/sleeping while waiting for the rest to finish their shooting. First day is usually more relaxed.

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