Reservist Day Three – That piece of shitty equipment again

**This entry was hand written on 24 Aug 2009**
Went to a new training ground for a short training. Very impressive place I must say. Too bad we can’t bring camera phones along. Would be nice to let everyone see the facilities. Something you will not see during the army open house. The training was short, very short. In fact, I think the time spend waiting and traveling was longer than the actual training timing. Not that I’m complaining. Our trainer help arranged everything in order so that we can quickly finish our training and go back camp to do other stuff. Oh, by the way, our trainer this year is the same guy as last year. Having been thru so many reservist, I still think he is the best trainer we had.
Spending the rest of the morning in camp setting up the stupid equipment. Yes, THAT SHITTY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT. It’s been one year already and that stupid thing is still there. And judging by the cost of the equipment, I guess it will be there for several more years to go. Curse the person who designed that equipment. Curse the person who approved it.
We spend the afternoon having revision and setting up equipment for Wednesday’s exercise.

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