Reservist Day Two – Fail IPPT, what's new?

**This entry was hand written on 22 Aug 2009**
We had IPPT today. I help the government save money by failing my IPPT. OK, not that I don’t want to collect the money. But my fitness really down the drain. The guys in my platoon have to remind me that I used to be quite fit during NSF days. I’m always in the lead during 2.4km run. Oh well, all those are just memories now. Still remember my best 2.4km timing – 9 min 46 sec (1 second away from gold). No joke.
Spend the rest of the morning drawing store.
Took a nap while waiting for book out timing. Its a tradition for my unit to drag book out timing. I figured out that its easier to wait for book out timing by taking a nap. This way, you won’t feel so frustrated while waiting. Book out at 3pm. Took a cab home, shower and rush down to Derrick’s home for nice home brew beer and shepherd pie. Going to be a tough 2 weeks ahead.

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