Reservist Day Five & Six – Rainy Exercise

**This entry was hand written on 26 & 27 Aug 2009**
It was raining when we woke up at 6am. Damn, why must it rain on the day of our exercise? Luckily the rain stopped after breakfast. But judging on past few days, it will surely rain again tomorrow in the morning. We should be in the jungle during that time. Not a good sign.
As usual, I’m one of the first few batches to move out of camp. Morning went on smoothly. We all knew what we are supposed to do. It rained heavily again in the afternoon. I was lucky because I was at the HQ area where there is shelter. But the tent is rather small, so have to squeeze a little while waiting for the rain to stop.
It rained again in the middle of the night while we are moving toward our objective. Once again, I’m lucky because we so happen to be near Neo Tiew Village. So we seek shelter at the old hawker centre. The tables and chairs has been removed and the whole hawker centre is now a huge shelter, but there are some leaks in the middle. For the uninitiated, Neo Tiew Village is an abandoned HDB estate along Lim Chu Kang Road. The army now uses that area for training. Try googling for this place if you are interested. Lots of nice photos of the place.
Managed to catch some rest while waiting for the rain to stop.
Exercise ended in the early afternoon, much earlier than expected. So we return back to camp, send store and wash up. We were given nights off at 7pm but I was too tired to go out. Slept for 12 hours in camp.

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