Reservist Day Seven – Happy Hour

**This entry was hand written on 28 Aug 2009**
Woke up around 6 plus near 7am. Had almost 12 hours of sleep. Luckily I didn’t go for nights off. Can sleep more. Body was aching.
Spend the morning exchanging faulty equipments with the store. I was joking with the storeman, asking him what about faulty human? Well, that they can’t change. If can, I will definitely propose exchanging one guy in my platoon. Totally cannot make it. Scolded him while outfield yesterday. He claim equipment is faulty but when I check, I discovered that he didn’t connect one cable. Didn’t even bother to check. And his mentality is very negative too. Everything say don’t know. Everything say can’t do. I also don’t know some of the things what. At least give it a try before asking for help. I really don’t know how he survive in the outside world.
We had some briefing in the officer mess. Sometimes I don’t understand what are the people thinking. Theory is theory. When it comes to execution, theory sometimes don’t work. It is best to listen to the person on the ground then to refer to the books. Oh well. We just nod our head when the officer gives us instructions, then react accordingly when outfield. If we follow his method, sure die.
We had battalion happy hour at night. They ordered food from outside and got a few men and officers to sing. I don’t know about the rest, but my idea of a happy hour is to book out and have fun outside. Not inside an army camp eating buffet and listening to live band. Don’t even have beer. And what is a party without girls?
We were given nights off at 9pm. Might as well don’t give lah.

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