Reservist Day Eight – "Improved" Shitty Equipment

**This entry was hand written on 29 Aug 2009**
Remember that piece of shitty equipment I was talking about? Guess what? We were issued an improved version of it. Improved in F**K-UP-NESS! Just when I thought that piece of shitty equipment is the worst thing in the army, they issued us an improved version which is even worst. And its heavier than the previous version. And here is the best part. We are supposed to use this “improved” shitty equipment for the 4 days exercise next week. Well done.
Seriously, have the designers ever tried using that shitty equipment before? I bet not. I suggest letting them wear that shitty piece of equipment for 1 whole day inside their aircon office. I’m sure they can’t endure it even in aircon office. Then ask them to imagine the servicemen who are using it in the freaking forest.
Don’t let me know who designed this shitty equipment. I’ll surely burn down his house and beat his mother. Same for the person who approved this equipment.
OK, I’m just kidding about burning their house and beat their mother. But seriously, that is the worst equipment that I’ve came across in the army. Luckily for everyone, it is only used during training. If take this shitty equipment for real war, we sure lose.
We spend the morning setting up the improved shitty equipment. Our platoon is the fastest to finish. Spend the rest of the day in bunk waiting to book out. Waited until 5pm.

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