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Before I send the (badly abused) Nokia E51 for repair, I called up Nokia customer service hotline to confirm if the damage is repairable by their service centre. I was surprised that there is virtually no waiting time on the phone. I explained the problem to the customer service officer and she confirmed to me that the damage can be repaired at their service centre. When I query about the cost, the customer service officer isn’t able to provide me a rough quotation. I was told that only the customer service centre is able to give me quotation after inspecting the damages. Fair enough.
So I head down to Suntec Nokia Service Centre 2 days later to get the E51 repaired. I was surprised that the service centre is rather empty for a weekend. I explained the problem to the front counter staff and she told me that their branch will be closing down at the end of the month and they won’t be accepting new repair job. I was advised to send the phone to other Nokia Service Centre for repair. Time for me to take out my red pen and minus marks for Nokia Service Centre. Why didn’t the Nokia customer service hotline staff inform me that Suntec Nokia Service Centre will be closing soon? Why isn’t that information reflected on Nokia website?
So I went to Wheelock Place Nokia Service Centre. Like the Suntec branch, the Wheelock Place Nokia Service Centre is also rather empty for a weekend. It’s completely different from my past experience of a overcrowded handphone Service Centre. Once I entered the Service Centre, I was greeted by the front counter staff with a radiant smile. In fact, the front counter staff is so courteous that I think it made many customers forget that they wanted to bang the table and make a big fuss.
I explained the problem to the friendly front counter staff. She is unable to confirm if the service centre could repair that damage. So she asked me to take a seat while she go inside to check with the technicians. Usually, the service staff would just go inside to check some staff and leave you standing at the front counter. I must say that I’m pretty impressed by the service standard of the front counter staff. A few minutes later, she reappears and told me that its repairable and gave me a queue number.
Waiting time was short since the Service Centre is rather empty that day. Maybe I was lucky. The customer service officer started processing the repair order. I notice that she is very careful when handling my phone. OK, time for me to test to see how they handle special customer request. I started enquiry about their Ovi Store and asked how do I get Ovi Store on the E51. It’s actually quite easy to get Ovi Store on the phone and I think they usually advice customers to install it themselves. But to test out their service, I request the customer service officer to install it for me. But instead of putting that request down on the repair order, she told me to inform the customer service officer when I’m collecting the phone. Wouldn’t it be better to record it in the repair order so that it can be installed for me before I collect the phone? Strange.
So I went back a few days later to collect the phone. It was a weekday and I’m rather surprised that the Nokia Service Centre is more crowded on a weekday compared to weekend. I was greeted by the same super friendly and courteous front counter staff. She gave me a queue number and inform me that there are 11 customers infront of me and it would take roughly 20 minutes of waiting time. Not bad, I was kinda expecting the waiting time to be more than an hour with that kind of crowd. Good thing is that they have many Customer Service Officers on duty. And it was my turn in less than 10 minutes.
And since its a very simple repair job, nothing can go wrong. They also upgraded the firmware as requested. But I have to ask the Customer Service Officer to install the Ovi Store for me, which took around 5 minutes or so. And bonus point to them for cleaning the dust trapped between the LCD screen and cover. Something that I purposely didn’t request them to do to see if they take their own initiative.
As a whole, I’m pretty pleased with the service at the Wheelock Nokia Service Centre. The staff are friendly and patient when answering random questions posted by me. The Service Centre also provide chargers for you to charge your Nokia handphone while waiting for your turn. But there are still some rooms for improvements.
So did Nokia Service Centre Go The Extra Mile For Service (GEMS)? I would say no. But I do think they did Go The Extra Kilometers For Service.


  1. I can guess why the CRO asked you to ask the front counter staff to install Ovi for you instead of writing it down on the paper.
    The people who repair the phone don’t need to face the customers. Since this is an added request, depending on the ethic of the person who repaired your phone, there is a chance that he might be someone who feels it is not part of his job to do this added work.
    If his attitude towards extra work is such, you would only discover that he hadn’t done everything that was written on the paper and depending on your ethic, you might get angry with the CRO who had to hand the phone to you.
    Besides that, there might be some tension between the repairers and the front line staff who could easily agree to all these added service when the repairers feel like they’ve already been stretched thin with all the repair work they had to do. So the CRO may be trying to avoid causing such tensed moments.
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  2. Hillary: Personally I feel that they should note down the request on the repair order instead of asking customer to repeat again when collecting the phone.

  3. I’m surprised you are pleased with their service! I had such a bad experience with getting my new phone repaired!
    We purchased a new Nokia phone from M1 on 24 August 2009.
    One week later when we finally started using the new Nokia N6700c, it switched off by itself and could not be revived. Peeved that a new phone should stop working, we brought it to Nokia Care Centre, who took in my phone, and only contacted me to pick up the repaired phone 11 days later, explaining that the phone had to undergo a “higher level” of repair.
    This had already caused us much inconvenience since the new phone was intended to replace a faulty one used for business/work.
    To my surprise, after I picked up the repaired phone, it died again, and I had to make a third trip down to the Care Centre. After several times of requesting for a new phone, instead of having to bear with the long repair time and a defective phone, Nokia refused, saying it was not their policy to replace phones.
    Frustratingly, upon receipt of the again-repaired phone, it would not even switch on after being repaired thrice, while the staff explained that strangely it was working just earlier. So it was sent in for repair AGAIN. for the FOURTH time.
    When we finally received a replacement phone for the time being, it was accompanied by a wrong charger, and without a special memory card required.
    More than six weeks have passed, and I am still waiting for a new phone to be returned to me!
    I really think Nokia should change their non-replacement policy, which is totally ridiculous, considering they sold me a defective phone!
    My two cents’ worth.

  4. Charen: To be fair, you can’t say a restaurant service is no good just because the food doesn’t taste good. (If you get what I mean)
    But taking more than 6 weeks to repair a phone is unacceptable. It has nothing to do with the service standard. More to do with the service quality.
    Just curious, what repair work did they do to the phone? Did they change any parts? Or just upgrade the firmware? Why are they taking so long? Are they importing some new parts from oversea?

  5. Hi DK,
    Not too sure what they did. The first time my phone got sent in, the battery wont charge. Then after checking, the called me to say they need to send the phone to a “higher level of repair”, which also equals to more delay.
    I asked for a new phone if this one is o chronically problematic, but they said “cannot” and insist on repairing. The same happened in the nezt few rounds. AND, what I have not updated is, they finally sent me a new phone, and it’s blue tooth was not working!!!!! I was sooo pissed off!
    So for me, it is not a matter of service attentiveness (which is already bad because of the rigid and obnoxious company policy) but also the poor service quality (relating to their QC, repair, engineering and even service staff!).
    I dont think they were importing from overseas. My point really is that, if the phone they sold me was spolit, it is the customer’s every right to get a new one.
    Relating to your restaurant theory, if the fish you order was uncooked inside, the restaurant should immediately replace it. If the medium rare steak you ordered arrives fully cooked at the table, the service staff should immediately replace it.
    So I am soo terribly disappointed. =(

  6. they cannot write it down in the remarks of your acknowledgement form because its not an issue of the phone, you must inform the c.s. whom you will collect the phone

  7. @ Charen: care centers don’t replace phone.. they only repair because they are repair shops!! correct for your theory of restaurant.. “did you buy your phone at nokia care center?” no right then why are you there in the first place? you were there to repair your phone!!!!!

  8. Ken: To say that M1 sold a defective phone to charen and not Nokia Care Centre is wrong. Nokia is the one who made the phone after all and Nokia Care Centre belongs to Nokia. I don’t think there is anything wrong with charen asking for a new replacement at Nokia Care Centre. Afterall, its a Care Centre, not a Repair Centre. But it is up to Nokia’s decision to either repair or replace the phone.
    By the way: Do you work for Nokia Care Centre? You seems to be very defensive on your reply and I don’t understand why.

  9. @dk: yah i worked before for nokia as temporary staff while waiting for my school results so i know and understand how it works… they cannot replace phone because they can only repair.. even if you scream there nothing will happen because were will they get there a replacement phone.. since they are not selling anything they are only repairing,,,if you go inside there backroom all there are technicians and faulty phone that they are repairing..there policy is no 1 to 1 exchange,,, because if there’s 1 to 1 exchange then care center should be closed already because there’s no need for them to repair phones…am i right?????

  10. Ken: Understand that currently there is no policy for 1 to 1 exchange. But perhaps Nokia should look into this for some special case where the service centre cannot repair that phone.
    The service centre will still be there because most of the phone can be repaired. But for special case like Charen’s, maybe they should allow a 1 to 1 exchange.

  11. @ DK.. if there is a 1 to 1 exchange then no need for this blog or forum,, because it will be provided to charen immediately .. but unfortunately there isn’t any exchange policy … so be it..

  12. customers can make requests but again its nokia decision that will be followed… ever since nokia was developed there isnt any 1 to 1 exchange,, they rather go to court rather than exchange 1 to 1.. because if they go to court they won’t loose cause everything was stated in the warranty ard ,, there no 1 to 1 exchange.. even before they purchased the product they are aware no 1 to 1 exchange..

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