Have you changed your EZ-Link Card?

Do you know that your old EZ-Link card will no longer be in used from 1st Oct 2009? (That’s next week!!!) So if you haven’t changed your EZ-Link card, remember to change it ASAP.
One new “feature” of the new EZ-Link card is that there is no more deposit. Remember in the past when we have a $3 deposit in the card? Well, there is no more deposit for the new card. But you must have at least $3 in your EZ-Link card in order to take the train. Eeeerrr…. Isn’t that the same?
The new EZ-Link Card came under fire recently because of the new GIRO top up surcharge. GIRO top up users need to pay $0.25 for each transactions. There wasn’t any GIRO surcharge for the old EZ-Link card. In fact, I don’t know any companies that is charging surcharge for GIRO service.
Mr Gregory Gerald Danker, Vice-President, Marketing & Communications for EZ-Link, cite operating costs as the reason behind the “premium auto top-up service”.
Firstly, it amazed me that the old EZ-Link card is able to provide this “premium auto top-up service” at no extra charge while the new EZ-Link card isn’t. If the operating cost of the new EZ-Link card is so high, then why did we change to the new card in the first place? What are the benefits to commuters? Does commuters need a card that can be used on both public transport and car in-vehicle unit for ERP?
How much does it cost to change all the EZ-Link card to the new ones? And how much does it cost to change all the in-vehicle unit to be compliant with the new EZ-Link card? How many car park operators need to change their existing system so that it can support the new in-vehicle unit? Who is going to foot these bill? Is it worth the money and effort to change the EZ-Link card? Can those money be put into better use?
If the operating cost of the new EZ-Link card is going to be higher than the old card, then why are we changing? From a commuter point of view, the new EZ-Link card is still the same as the old one. Yes, you can argue that the new EZ-Link can be used for in-vehicle unit and buying stuff. But do we need these features?
If these features can be provided without extra cost, then yes, its a great system. But if commuters need to pay surcharge for GIRO top up, then perhaps the folks at EZ-Link and LTA need to re-think about it and ask themselves…. Why are we changing to this new EZ-Link card?


  1. Oh serious? GIRO users must pay a 25 cents transaction fee? Thanks for blogging about it, I didn’t know. What a rip off. Guess the rest of Singapore has to put up with me when I run out of credit at the gate and hold up the entire queue.
    .-= Ivy´s last blog ..The Perfect Diet? =-.

  2. Gov is planning to standardize these “smart card” so we have 1 common card use for all things in future. Now the new EZ-Link card has a standard protocol set by gov, so in future, all cashless payment will follow this standard protocol.
    My two cents is that, we are all becoming like sheep, kena herd into a monopolistic future………

  3. yah, changed mine on saturday. the card totally sucks.
    so from today, i have joined the pool of people who will keep retapping the damned card at the smrt station gates and wonder why the red light comes on despite of there being still $2.99 of stored value remaining in the card.
    the need for a single multi-purpose card had been raised many years ago – dated back to the time when i was still in jc, circa 1996.
    but the pace of technology advancement is much faster than the speed at which the system can be implemented.
    i won’t be surprised if the ez-link card is to be changed into another more “POWERFUL” all-encompassing card in, say, 4 or 5 years from now.
    and we commuters may need to pay a much higher price to swop this new ez-link card with the powderful card… and continue to get ripped off by you know who.

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