We are going to be outnumbered soon

The latest figure from the Department of Statistics is worrying. Singapore’s population reaches 4.99 million at the end of June 2009. 3.73m are Singapore residents and 1.25m are non-residents.
That means 75% of the total population on this island are Singapore Residents. But here is the scary part. By Singapore Resident, they mean Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. There is no figures on how many Permanent Residents and from past experience, this figure will not be released. And we must not forget that there has been lots of new citizen lately.
Update: My mistake. They did release the PR figure in the report. There are 3.2m Singaporeans and 0.53m PR. Which means 64% of the population are Singaporeans.
Are native Singaporeans going to be outnumbered soon? Will we going to become minority in our own country soon? Is it time for us to start relooking into the foreign talent policies? Or am I worrying too much?
On the side note, a local company called Ektronics Pte Ltd posted a job ads on JobsDB looking for a Sales Development Engineer. Singaporeans need not reply as one of the requirements is “Preferably non Singaporean (PR welcome)”
The company has amended the job ads to remove that requirement after being slammed by forumers in major forums in Singapore. But if you are curious, there is always google cache.


  1. You’re worrying too much.
    Foreign residents are a huge asset for Singapore.
    They do jobs Singaporeans don’t want to do.
    They do jobs Singaporeans can’t do.
    They want to be here; they don’t have to be here.
    As a foreigner who has lived in Asia for 20 years, including six in Singapore, my future and the future of my family depends on this place, and I very much want it to prosper and succeed.
    If you don’t want me around, I’ll go somewhere else in Asia, probably Bangkok, but that would be a net loss for Singapore, not a net gain.

  2. the 64% sinkees published in the stats also include NEW citizens as well as converts from yesteryears.
    i’d put the true-blue born-n-bred locals to be under 50% or less.
    we ARE going to be extinct soon.

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