DoubleTwist Remakes Apple’s Classic 1984 Ad

Do you remember the famous Apple 1984 advertisement on SuperBowl?

That was a masterpiece in 1984. The advertisement is trying to portray IBM as the big brother and Apple coming in to save everyone by breaking the Monopoly. That is 25 years ago.
Few weeks ago, a software company called Double Twist came up with their version of the 1984 Apple Advertisement. This time round, its no surprise that Apple is being portray as the big brother. I personally find this advertisement very fitting of the current technology landscape. Apple has been blocking other devices from sync-ing with iTunes, behaving like the big brother. Users need choice.

Something new is coming from Double Twist on Oct 6 (Tomorrow).
Update: DoubleTwist unveils a Music Store powered By Amazon. But like the iTunes Store, DoubleTwist Music Store will not be available in Singapore. Damn.

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