We have a Singapore PR in the China Female Marching Contingent

China celebrated it’s 60th birthday last Thursday. I think one of the segment that got the most attention was the Female Marching Contingent. They were on the front page for the past few days.
But do you know that we have a Singapore PR taking part in the Female Marching Contingent too? Check out this youtube video. Skip to 0:57.

I must say their marching very impressive. And most of them very pretty too.
I think I should stop reading news from New Media. Not because the standard is low, but because they uncover things that the traditional media won’t cover. Stuff that makes you feel sad about the sorry state that Singapore is in.
Maybe I should stick to reading traditional media. They have more happy stories over there.


  1. PR only what. Don’t you know PRs are free to move around and do what they want to do? Just like many Singaporeans are also holding Aussie PR or UK’s ‘indefinitely leave to remain’ and they also shuttle between countries.

  2. Cobalt Paladin: Well, maybe stick to the online version of Traditional Media. I heard they removed the article on Sunday afternoon.

  3. so what??? what’s wrong with a Chinese citizen participating in her country’s national day celebration?? it’s just like Singaporean citizens holding PR status in other countries but still serving their national service duty. is there anything wrong? don’t let anti-immigrant sentiments cloud your mind.

  4. The simple reason there is a fuss (for the people that refuse to get it – primarily those who see ourselves as part of China) is that we are throwing everything shamelessly at them (including the kitchen sink) to make them our citizens, even at the expense of our own citizens.
    Remember Li Jiawei, who is a citizen — before the Olympics even said that her heart belongs to China and Beijing. Did we really expect her to get the gold medal for us against her motherland.

  5. Why are are we worrying about PR from China participating…what I want to know why and what are they doing here?

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