Review: iNQ Mini 3G

Firstly, before I continue with the review of the iNQ Mini 3G, let me state first that this is not a smartphone. Therefore the expectation on this phone will be lower compared to a smartphone.
The iNQ Mini 3G is a candy bar feature phone with lots of social networking feature, especially facebook integration. It’s a pretty small and light phone. 4.58 x 1.28 x 10.29 cm and 90g. The screen is 2.2 inch and in case you are wondering, non-touch screen. 2.0 Megapixel camera without autofocus, 100MB memory, MicroSD card slot, Bluetooth 2.0 and HSDPA 3.6Mbps. The iNQ Mini 3G is running on iNQ’s proprietary operating system, BREW 4.0 plus INQ System 1 extensions.

DSC07487 DSC07485 DSC07486

The best part about the iNQ Mini 3G is the facebook integration. To begin with, you can upload your photos to facebook directly from your gallery. You can also link your address book with the contacts on your facebook. Once linked, the contacts on your address book will display the facebook avatar. If your friend set a status on their facebook, the status will also be shown on your phone’s address book. Pretty neat feature. You can also check out your facebook messages and pokes from the phone’s messaging function instead of going into the facebook apps.
And this phone can actually multi-task. There is a switcher button on the side for you to switch from one application to another.
Although the facebook integration is nicely done, the same cannot be said for the Twitter application. The features on the Twitter application is rather limited. One feature that is strangely missing on the Twitter application is the ability to see your @replies. And I was surprised that the Twitter application can do RT (Re-Tweet), something that many Twitter clients still can’t do.
Apart from Facebook and Twitter, the iNQ Mini 3G also have applications for Instant Messenger and Skype. There is a iNQ Hub where you can download more applications for the iNQ Mini 3G. (Although the last time I checked, the collections is still very limited) And if you bought the iNQ Mini 3G from Singtel, you will also get Singtel AMPed which gives you unlimited music download with no data charges. There is also no data charges from Singtel when you are using the Instant Messenger application. I’m not sure if there is similar arrangement with other telcos elsewhere in the world.
One thing I don’t really like about the iNQ Mini 3G is the MiniUSB slot. Although MiniUSB port cables are still very common, most phones are moving towards the new standard, MicroUSB port. And the lack of 3.5mm earphone jack will be a huge turn off to music lovers.
One interesting thing about the iNQ Mini 3G is the packaging design. It must be one of the most beautifully designed handphone box around. Even the manuals are beautifully made. Check out the unpacking video on Tech65.
The iNQ Mini 3G also comes with beautifully designed wallpapers. Even the menu looks great. And those who are into customizing their phones can purchase new battery covers that comes in a range of colours and patterns.
I know some of you might say that your smartphone can do all these, and more. Yeap, you are right. Most smartphones can do all these and more. But does your smartphone cost $0? Yeap, Singtel is selling the iNQ Mini 3G at $0 with a 2 year contract. And its currently exclusive to Singtel only.
In Short:
A low budget feature phone with facebook integration
Facebook integration
Mini USB port
Primitive Twitter Apps
No 3.5mm earphone jack


  1. Camemberu: I’m not surprised that Singtel will only sell the phone with contract. It’s currently exclusive to Singtel in Singapore. 🙂

  2. ssumin: You got a point there. But I’m not sure if the Singapore market is into “good enough” tech. As you know, we are known for getting specs that far exceed our needs.
    tofii: The chat looks pretty impressive. Can’t wait to get my hands on it

  3. Janice: I did not see any dedicated Gmail apps. But they have an email client which should allows you to check your Gmail. You can also access your Gmail using the web browser.
    There is no FM radio.

  4. You can’t expect a perfect phone at this price, but the INQ Mini 3G will appeal to people on the go who need a cheap fix for their social-networking habit

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