Creator of HTTP says the double slash is unnecessary

Here is something interesting. During a recent interview with New York Times, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the HyperText Transfer Protocol, says that the double slash after “http:” is unnecessary. He could easily have designed URLs not to have the forward slashes. He admitted that when he devised the web, almost 20 years ago, he had no idea that the forward slashes in every web address would cause “so much hassle”.
Actually, it’s not much of a hassle nowadays since almost all browsers accept the URL even if you didn’t type the “http://”. We have also gotten used to typing the 2 slashes after the colon. But I still remember back in the days when web browsers isn’t that intelligent and you need to key in the “http://”. It wasn’t so much of an hassle for me, since the forward slash key is pretty close to the colon. But it is true that the 2 slashes wasted time and ink when printing.
I guess it is too late for us to change now since the 2 slash is already the standard.
So for the developers out there: if you are going to create something big (or you think it will become big), do think about the design and remove the unnecessary stuff.
PS: I’m still confused on how to differentiate between forward slash and back slash. Just can’t seem to remember which is which.

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  1. think of a forward slash, or previously just known as slash, as a hand slashing action make with a right hand from top right diagonally down. Back slash are a back hand slashing action from top left and diagonally down.

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