Try not to launch your product on Apple product refresh day

We can’t deny that Apple brand has the world’s attention whenever they do something. Be it having a keynote, refreshing their product or even banning apps from their Apps Store. We even got people blog about seeing Steve Jobs back in office after 6 months medical leave. That’s how amazing the Apple brand is now. Everyone is talking about Apple. I would call this a PR’s wet dream.
And one thing we know is that you should try not to crash your product launch on a day when Apple is rumored to be releasing something. The Apple tsunami will drown your little ripple in the pond. And I guess Barnes & Noble learnt it the hard way. Hey, they just launched a cool E-book yesterday call Nook. There are some pros and cons when compared it with the Amazon Kindle. But hey, its a good attempt. Can’t wait to see it for myself although I think the chances of me getting my hands on one is thinner than the Nook itself.
The only major problem is that they launched it on a day when Apple decides to refresh on iMac, Macbook and Mac Mini. They also launched a new mouse call the Magic Mouse which I think I’m going to get it to replace my “Not So Mighty” mouse. The scroll ball is giving problems lately. The Magic Mouse looks cool with the multi-touch feature. Who would have thought that you could actually have a multi-touch mouse? I’m so wanting to get it. But it cost S$98. Ouch. And my iMac is now OFFICIALLY outdated with the new iMac spotting 16:9 aspect ratio. Oh well, I see this day coming. Surprised that it took so long. *Hug my iMac tight tight*
Sorry, I digressed. I’m suppose to talk more about B&N’s Nook. But see, everyone is talking about Apple. Anyway, when you are more or less done with the Apple news, check out the Nook. Not really the killer E-book reader yet. But it sure looks promising.
Oh ya, did I mention that the Nook runs on Android?


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