Bad news! Singapore will not be getting Palm Pre or WebOS device anytime soon

I just saw this bad news on a PreCentral. It was an email from a Palm spokesperson regarding the availability (or rather unavailability) of Palm Pre or any WebOS devices in Australia. Although the reply is to Jason from Auto Lingography in Australia, it also reveal that Palm Pre or any WebOS device will not be available in Singapore (or rather, the entire Asia Pacific region) anytime soon.

At this moment in time, we do not yet have any plans to launch the Palm Pre or any of our new WebOS products in Asia Pacific. Our focus right now is to establish a strong presence in North America and Europe. However, we do not discount the possibility of offering this new range of products at a later date.
It is therefore not a rumor that Palm has significantly reduced its presence in the region to one of operational support to our existing customers requiring our in-warranty services and technical support for our sold products.

This is a pretty sad news to all the Palm Fans out there. We thought that the recent launch of the 3G version Palm Pre in Germany means that Palm Pre might be coming to Singapore soonish? But I guess we are wrong. Palm is going to focus on North America and Europe for the time being. It might be a good strategy for the Palm in the short term but they will definitely need to make their product available in more countries in order to get a bigger market share. iPhone is doing very well and Android is slowly picking up pace. Palm need to get more users and developers onboard the WebOS platform. They already lost PalmOS. I hope they don’t make any big mistakes and lose WebOS too.
I wonder if anyone in Singapore is going to buy a Palm Pre from Germany.


  1. Its a matter of time lah. 😀
    Guess i would think abt getting one if it comes to SG. Actually i think the Palm Pixie has more potential… the Palm Pre is actually quite sluggish.

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