HTC Flash Mob at Orchard Road

Remember the Flash Mob at Raffles place last friday? Well, there is another last Saturday at Orchard Road just outside Wisma. I went down to check it out. Didn’t managed to find a good position to record it. It’s the same dance move as the one at Raffles Place.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the Flash Mob is organised by HTC to promote the upcoming launch of their latest mobile phone. They didn’t say which phone is it on the press release but I think most of us can guess it. *Cough* HTC Tattoo *Cough*. More on it after I attend their launch on Thursday evening.
On the side note: I think my camera is dying. The photo/video quality isn’t as good as before.


  1. cf: To be fair to them, if you don’t read this blog entry or any write up about this, you won’t know that the flash mob is organised by HTC. There is no sign, logo or any thing that let people know that it is by HTC. So I wouldn’t call it street advertisement since passerby won’t know exactly what they selling.
    Check out T-Mobile’s flash mob which is quite similar.

  2. i saw a video of the one at raffles place before this – to me, the choreography betrays the fact that it’s an orchestrated move… always thought spontaneity is essential in a flash mob.
    now that i know it is sponsored, it puts me off that the beauty of a flash mob is somewhat hijacked.
    yeah, on second thought, street advertisement does seem an inaccurate description. how about viral? though i think if this qualifies as viral, then we must have seen much better attempts.

  3. cf: Actually I wished they had easier dance moves so that passerby can join in easily. Oh well, it is still a good attempt. All in the name of fun. 🙂

  4. I think the naysayers of this are so annoying. It was a great effort. It is meant to look spontaneous but obviously has to be choreographed beforehand so everyone is synchronised. Otherwise it’d just be a lousy-looking non-attention grabbing street party. Flash mobs can also take the form of anti-social non-choreographed activities on the other end of the spectrum of course, and doesn’t even have to be dancing, but the choreographed dance versions are also really fun to watch. Has anyone seen the Oprah version with the Black Eyed Peas? Totally choreographed, totally pre-planned but totally fun!

  5. Great effort indeed. But if you ask me, it’s a marketing disaster! Nobody knew this is organised by HTC and what’s the whole objective? Creating a buzz people can remember but doesn’t know you? LOL.

  6. funny how some singaporeans are are so idealistic about flash mobs. it’s already “paid” street entertainment in many parts of the world for ages, the qualifier being no one can become professionals given the type of advertising budgets for these big-scale projects.
    @min. that’s the nature of flash mobs: confuse you initially, yet intrigue enough to make you ACTIVELY seek out its purpose. lemme ask, now that you know who’s the sponsor, is this more memorable for you than passively read some ad in the papers?
    htc also commissioned some filming, so this may show up in a future cf. whether it is willing to pay the royalties for the 4 songs that soundtrack the flash mob is another question.

  7. @oldtimer: Are you a marketer? First off, it didn’t confuse me but aroused my curiosity. Not enough for me to want to ACTIVELY seek out its purpose though. You’re right that it’s more memorable than passively read ads in the papers BUT this serves no purpose at all. Ok, now that I know HTC did this… and then? So what?

  8. Hey..wonder who is the ad agency who did this for HTC?
    This is a type of guerrilla marketing, viral and social media strategy-in-One!
    Kudos to the agency who executed this!

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