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I got 5 pairs of tickets to the exclusive World AIDS Day Event, “Your Life. Your Canvas” ticket to give away. Jack & Rai, Electrico and Fire Fight will be performing live at the event.
Date: 5 Dec 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 6 to 10pm
Venue: SupperClub Singapore
How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: “Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: “Your Life. Your Canvas.” event ticket (SupperClub)“. Closing date is next Monday, 30 Nov 2009, 2359. I will randomly select the winner via the usual method. Refer to the rules for more details.
Update: Closed

It’s been a long time since I bought a music CD. I think the last CD I bought was Shirlyn Tan’s Newfound Jealousy. That is more than 2 years ago! And don’t get me wrong. I don’t download music too. I’m been listening to podcast and online streaming. So buying a CD can be considered quite eventful for me since I don’t do it often nowadays. And I’m sure many people out there don’t buy CD nowadays too. It’s a dying form of music distribution.
I must say that I’ve never heard of Budak Pantai before their Starbucks Tour. Yes, me mountain tortoise lah. I’m glad that I was following Starbucks Singapore’s facebook page and heard about their Singapore Starbucks Tour. I googled about them and found some of their live performance on youtube. Fell in love for their music straight away. I even went Raffles City Starbucks to catch them live.
Their CD is selling for $18 at Starbucks now. You know lah, I spend a lot of time at Starbucks. Everytime I order my drink, the CD seems to be calling out to me, asking me to bring it home. And so I bought my first CD in 2 years. And I’m totally enjoying the CD now. Quote from the CD foreword:

Hope you enjoy this CD as much as we’re enjoying the money you paid for it

Yeap, you bet! The songs on the CD is pretty interesting. From asking question like “Why do man have nipples?” to song about Retrenchment. A song for Pedra Branca and a song about Nothing. They even made a song out of that famous phase. “Say also don’t listen, Listen also don’t understand, Don’t understand also don’t ask, Ask also don’t do, Do also do wrong…….”. Yeap, that’s how amazing they are. The song is very entertaining and is on repeat for the past few days.
Here is one of the song that is in the CD. They performed this song at Raffles City Starbucks. Listen to the lyrics carefully.
Budak Pantai – Delilah

Check out their website too. (Warning: Heavily flashed and autoplay background music)
They will be having a concert at the Esplanade concert hall on Dec 17 and 18, 7:30pm. Tickets at $35. Check out SISTIC page for more info. “Happy Songs for a Great Recession

Looks like Apple is joining the AT&T Vs Verizon battle. As most of you know, Apple iPhone is exclusive to AT&T in US. And I’m sure the folks at Apple can’t stand the fact that AT&T was being wacked up down left right jialiat jialiat by Verizon. That’s why they decided to come up with their own ads to defend AT&T and iPhone.
Apple is pretty good at these stuff. After all, they have lots of experience from the Mac Vs PC ads campaign. Here are the 2 ads that Apple just release to help defend AT&T.

I must say that this 2 ads are much better than AT&T’s previous attempt. At least they raise more valid points than AT&T’s ads with Luke Wilson.
But do take note that the speed on the iPhone is never this fast. In fact, no phone/network using the current technology can give you such fast speed/access. (unless there is a sudden break thru in mobile phone processor and cellular network technology that I’m unaware of) And not many people will find this feature very useful. Afterall, when was the last time you find yourself needing to access the internet while on a phone call? Hmmmm……
So can your phone and your network do that?
From what I understand, if you are on Verizon, then you can’t. That is because Verizon network doesn’t allows you to access 3G Data while on a phone call. Strange. No idea why they want to do that. Update: After some digging, I found out that Verizon is using older 3G technology (CDMA) which does not support simultaneous voice and data. But the Android platform can do that if your network supports. Justin tried it on his HTC Hero with Starhub network, works fine. Same goes for HTC Magic. So rightfully, if your phone is an Android, you should be able to do that. And I’m sure Singtel and M1 can support 3G Data during call too. So no worries.
So I guess the current score now is AT&T & iPhone 1 – 1 Verizon. I wonder if Google/Android will join in this catfight. Who needs EPL and universal set-top box when we have such entertaining advertisements?
PS: Sheng Heng was saying on Twitter that Symbian phones can do that since don’t know how many donkey years ago. True true. In fact, accessing 3G data during a phone call isn’t that amazing. Many old phones can do that. Some good non-smartphones (feature phones) can do that too. So what’s the big deal anyway?

Good news everyone! Google Transit Information and Traffic Information is now available on Singapore Google Map. Woohoo! Google and LTA announced the collaboration recently at a media event inside Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.
Both services have been available on Google map in other countries for quite some time. I still remember showing off my iPhone Google Map to my friends by going to New York and turning on the Show Traffic feature. The traffic features are very useful to drivers. It shows you roughly the traffic condition of most major roads. This will help drivers plan their route wisely. You can access the Google Map traffic on your iPhone, Android or any smartphone with Google Map Apps. Or you can also use your mobile phone browser to view the google map traffic.
Green means smooth traffic, Orange means moderate traffic and Red means heavy traffic. Only the major roads and expressway have this traffic overlay. Although the traffic condition is usually accurate, I do find that there are times when the map shows Orange line when there are hardly any cars along the road. But the red line is usually very accurate. When they display red, it is usually jammed up. Apart from information from LTA, Google is also using crowd sourcing where they gather anonymous data from Google Map users to analyze the traffic condition.
Directions on Google Map now includes directions for public transport in Singapore too. The public transport directions includes MRT, LRT and Buses. You can set your departure or arrival time and google map will come up with the best route and the estimate travel timing.
While these features are useful on the mobile phone, the best experience is still on the Google Map Singapore website where you get more options like historical traffic condition and Traffic Incidents. You can also easily change the route given by Google by dragging the route to the road you want to use.
So what does it means for local mapping websites like and Streetdirectory? Luckily for everyone, the partnership between Google and LTA is non-exclusive. Which means that the data from LTA is also accessible by other companies. Which isn’t that bad. But bear in mind that Google has a much wider reach. Google map is preinstalled on all Android and iPhone. That is one thing that the local companies need to worry about.