Toffeenut latte is back

I think I just found something to remind me that Christmas is coming. Toffeenut Latte from Starbucks. Yes, this fantastic drink is only available during the holiday season. And it’s back in stores now! Woohoo!!!!
Grab yours now before they stop selling.
PS: If you are in Singapore, you can use your Starbucks Passport to buy a grande size Toffeenut Latte. Cheers!!!


  1. Hmm, the people at vivocity starbucks didn’t let me use my starbucks passport for the toffeenut latte without a cash top-up :s

  2. Stingerx: Really? I’ve used the Starbuck passport at One Fullerton and Raffles City to pay for my Toffeenut Latte. They didn’t ask me to top up.
    Yongwei: Yeap. 6 cup of Starbucks coffee for $29.90.

  3. 6cups of starbucks coffee? any drink?
    the brewed coffee for venti only 4.50, 6 of brewed coffee abit not worth leh.
    by the way, you can refill coffee for only 1.40 for venti.

  4. Yongwei: It’s either Grande sized Espresso or tall size frappuccino.
    If you getting brewed coffee, then of cos not worth it.

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