iPhone 10mb download limit on 3G

Quite a number of people think that I’m a iPhone fanboy and I only got praises for this phone. Well, that isn’t really true. The iPhone isn’t perfect. It has it’s pros and cons. Although I managed to convince quite a number of friends to buy the iPhone, I also told them about the cons before they make their purchase. The only reason why I’m still using the iPhone is because the pros outweighs the cons. (For now)
And one of the thing that I hate about iPhone is the 10mb download limit when using 3G. Unknown to some, Apple actually have a restriction on downloading Apps or Podcast which are more than 10mb over 3G. (And by the way, we still can’t download podcast directly on the iPhone because we can’t access iTunes store in Singapore) Which means that if you want to download an app which is more than 10mb, you need to be connected to WIFI. Which is kinda stupid. Look, I paid for my 3G data plan. I should be allowed to use it for whatever thing I want, right?
I heard 2 explanations about why Apple have this restriction. I cannot verify which 1 is true. If you know, please let me know.
Explanation 1: It’s for the user experience. Downloading large files over 3G is slow.
I think this explanation is crap. Yes, downloading large files over 3G is slow. What if I die die want to download the large file? What if I don’t mind waiting? Apple didn’t give you an option to choose and this is ruining the user experience for a lot of people. If Apple is really serious about the user experience, they should have a warning message and allow users to proceed if they insist on downloading large files over 3G. And what about WIFI with very slow data transfer? I do know some public WIFI spot that have slower transfer rate than 3G. Why doesn’t Apple restrict that too?
Explanation 2: The restriction is to protect AT&T where iPhone users have unlimited data packages.
I personally think this is the real reason behind the 10mb download limit. Imagine everyone starts downloading large files on their iPhone, does AT&T have the bandwidth? We all heard the tons of complains regarding AT&T’s 3G network. But that is AT&T’s business. I don’t care. I’m not in America. My iPhone is on Singtel and I pay for my 3G data plan. If I exceed my 1gb limit, I need to pay extra (and it’s quite expensive). And since I’m paying for my data usage, I should be allowed to download large files if I want to. Why am I also bounded by the restriction set to protect AT&T?
It can be very annoying when you are browsing the iPhone app store on the move and found an interesting app which is more than 10mb. You can’t download it until you found a WIFI spot. Even paid apps have this limit. Look, I want to give you money leh. What if I forgot to download the app later?
If you jailbreak your iPhone, you can bypass this stupid 10mb restriction using this application call 3G Unrestrictor. But it can only be done on a jailbroken iPhone. And I don’t wish to jailbreak my iPhone. I don’t want to join the jailbreak cat and mouse chase with Apple whenever they release a new firmware upgrade.
Actually, there is another method. But it’s a bit more tedious and requires a little more hardware.
How to download iPhone app that are more than 10mb via 3G without jailbreaking?
What you need:
A Symbian phone with WIFI (Example: Nokia N97)
JoikuSpot software
A pin (to take out the SIM card from your iPhone)
Step 1: Take out the SIM card from your iPhone using the pin.
Step 2: Insert your SIM card into the Symbian phone and power on.
Step 3: Activate JoikuSpot on your Symbian phone.
Step 4: Connect your iPhone to JoikuSpot hotspot.
Step 5: Go to app store and download the app you want without the stupid 10mb restriction
PS: You can replace the Symbian/JoikuSpot with other phones/software as long as they can create a WIFI spot. I know Android phone can do this too.
It took me 18 minutes to download a 46.8mb app. But I don’t mind waiting. I was listening to podcast while the app is downloading slowly using the same 3G SIM card, except its on another phone now.
Yes, I know this method is stupid and ridiculous. But that’s what you need to do to work around a stupid and ridiculous restriction.


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