AT&T & iPhone 1 – 1 Verizon

Looks like Apple is joining the AT&T Vs Verizon battle. As most of you know, Apple iPhone is exclusive to AT&T in US. And I’m sure the folks at Apple can’t stand the fact that AT&T was being wacked up down left right jialiat jialiat by Verizon. That’s why they decided to come up with their own ads to defend AT&T and iPhone.
Apple is pretty good at these stuff. After all, they have lots of experience from the Mac Vs PC ads campaign. Here are the 2 ads that Apple just release to help defend AT&T.

I must say that this 2 ads are much better than AT&T’s previous attempt. At least they raise more valid points than AT&T’s ads with Luke Wilson.
But do take note that the speed on the iPhone is never this fast. In fact, no phone/network using the current technology can give you such fast speed/access. (unless there is a sudden break thru in mobile phone processor and cellular network technology that I’m unaware of) And not many people will find this feature very useful. Afterall, when was the last time you find yourself needing to access the internet while on a phone call? Hmmmm……
So can your phone and your network do that?
From what I understand, if you are on Verizon, then you can’t. That is because Verizon network doesn’t allows you to access 3G Data while on a phone call. Strange. No idea why they want to do that. Update: After some digging, I found out that Verizon is using older 3G technology (CDMA) which does not support simultaneous voice and data. But the Android platform can do that if your network supports. Justin tried it on his HTC Hero with Starhub network, works fine. Same goes for HTC Magic. So rightfully, if your phone is an Android, you should be able to do that. And I’m sure Singtel and M1 can support 3G Data during call too. So no worries.
So I guess the current score now is AT&T & iPhone 1 – 1 Verizon. I wonder if Google/Android will join in this catfight. Who needs EPL and universal set-top box when we have such entertaining advertisements?
PS: Sheng Heng was saying on Twitter that Symbian phones can do that since don’t know how many donkey years ago. True true. In fact, accessing 3G data during a phone call isn’t that amazing. Many old phones can do that. Some good non-smartphones (feature phones) can do that too. So what’s the big deal anyway?


  1. OK. So CDMA is not really old..
    There are two Cellular network families.
    1. CDMA (voice) – CDMA2000 (basic 2G data) – EVDO (3G Data)… EVDO Rev B (3.5G Data)
    2. GSM(voice) – GPRS (basic 2G data) – EDGE (enhanced ‘2.5G’ data) – UMTS (3G data) – HSPA (3.5G Data) – HSPA+ (upcoming 3.75G Data)
    The families have different strengths and weaknesses. EVDO has an issue with not supporting Data and Voice at the same time.. But it has much wider range. So you get better coverage with CDMA/EVDO than GSM/HSPA.
    .-= NTT´s last blog ..Best Kanelbulle in Stockholm.. =-.

  2. You never see the fine print in the ads?
    “Sequences shortened”.
    Seriously, I would just hang up, check the Internet, then call back.

  3. Ntt: Ah, thanks for explaining man. I was getting a little confused just now.
    Hansolo: Fine print too small, didn’t see. Haha. Ya, I figured out that they will need some fine prints to save their ass. Else they sure ganna sued.

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