Happy 25 years Mr Chiam

Mr Chiam See Tong, Member of Parliament for Potong Pasir, will be celebrating his 25th year as MP this coming Saturday. Mr Chiam was first elected on 22 Dec 1984.
Congrats Mr Chiam. Happy 25 years. And many more years to come.
By the way, I find it weird while reading the Straits Times article. They only mention who Mr Chiam lost to in 1976. They never mention who he won against in 1984.

Mr Chiam, a teacher-turned-lawyer, entered politics in 1976 when he contested as an independent in Cairnhill. He lost to Mr Lim Kim San, the Communications and National Development Minister at that time.

Weird choice, I must say. Wouldn’t it make more sense to mention who he won against in 1984 since the article is about him being MP for 25 years.
Anyway, if you are interested, Mr Chiam See Tong won against Mr Mah Bow Tan in 1984 with 60.28% votes.


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