Can the Singapore online community create a podcast network?

I was looking at the number of locally produced podcast when I start to wonder out loud: Can the Singapore online community create a podcast network? Something like
Imagine a local online network of podcast/videocast. Something like the radio station, except everything is streaming online. All shows recording will be stream live. Listeners can choose to tune in live or subscribe to the podcast. There will be a schedule and timeslot for each show. On slot where there are no show, we can stream a rerun of previously recorded show or some creative commons music.
All we need is a room for recording, some recording equipments and talents. Fast internet connection is a must too.
And the network can help others to start their own podcast too. It can also be a good place to promote local singers and bands. The possibilities are endless.
The network will most likely be funded through advertising and donations.
What do you think about this? Do you think we can create a podcast network here is Singapore?


  1. Hi,
    didn’t Mic Cheng do something similar with
    I recall him asking for folks who want to launch a pod / vlog cast to approach him since he has the equipment etc.

  2. Then it will be competiting with the local radio station.
    I see it as do-able… Nowadays mobile phone comes with data plans, and they can tune in bascially everywhere in SG.
    I forsee that radio will slowly be facing out (as in the physical radio set, not radio station) as more people are moving into the internet world. Online radio/podcast/etc, will become much more popular.

  3. The doing part is no issue. Go and approach the brotherhood. They have a network of nerds working in garages and in their kitchen counter who can probably develop this within half the time, one millionth of the cost, usually their stuff takes sometime to work, but it will be as spectacular as Edisons first message on the grammaphone he once invited, “can you hear me?”

  4. They already have something like this, short form it is called COM-SAT Stands for Confederation Open Multiplex – Speech Assisted Technology, but it is primarily used in online gaming.
    But who in their right mind will invest in a country where blog sites regularly get dossed like the fiasco in Temasek Review.
    How commercial viable would it be to create a radio based platform when it goes on the blink every 2 weeks and no one even knows why? Who will even subscribe to it? Conming to think of it, who will even waste time working on such a machine, might as well go figure out how to build a slot machine in North Korea.

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