Money for the coffee

Do not be surprised by the advertisement on the right side of my blog. Yes, this is the first time I’m putting up an advertisement on my blog. Believe it or not, until today, I’ve never earned a single cent using my blog. I’ve never placed any ads on my blog before (Except Advertlets ads for a few weeks but didn’t get enough money to cash out) So I guess this is considered my first paying ads.
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Some of you might find it ironic. I used to be one of the owner of BLOG2u, a blog advertising network. Yet I’ve never placed ads on my blog before. You see, it’s a bit of controversial here. It was my duty as the COO to assign advertisements to our members. If I assign advertisements to myself, my members might complain that I give the ads to myself and didn’t give them. So to save ourselves from this, we made a point that none of the staffs are allowed to serve advertisements from our clients. All advertisements will go to our members. I got several clients who requested their ads to be placed on my blog, but I have to turn them down. (Some of them are pretty good money) I need to be fair to my members.
Even after leaving BLOG2u, I still didn’t serve any advertisements on my blog. Partly because I’m used to not having advertisements on my blog. Also because I feel that I can’t make much money from advertisements. In fact, I didn’t want to take up this advertisement initially. But then, the person doing this project is a friend of mine. It’s hard to turn down. Besides, it’s always good to have some money for coffee. (Which explains the heading) I even recommended a few bloggers that I know to her.
The banner advertisement is from HMV Singapore. They are moving their store from Heeren to 313@Somerset level 4. The HMV store at Heeren will be closed from 26 Dec. Check out their facebook page for more updates.
PS: This blog entry is not part of the advertisement requirement.


  1. oh u know what i remarked to my friend about the HMV at 313 @somerset(ok next time i just type 313) – it has the atmosphere where you go in, choose the cd/dvd then head to cashier.
    i used to spend hours in hmv.
    now, i think they wanna cut down a lot, so they hv changed the customer experience.
    now its like any other music stores.
    now its MUCH MUCH smaller.
    hmmm let me know if this comment defeats your ad, and remove it la. 😑
    .-= Mohd Hisham´s last blog ..Groundwork for Singapore Biennale 2011 Finally Gets Going =-.

  2. Hisham: I guess it’s hard for them to maintain such a big store and stay profitable. Now they need to make full use of the small space and still provide the same customer experience they had previously. Going to be tough, but I think they can do it.
    Speaking of which, I wonder what is going to happen for the space at Heeren. Somehow it feels weird that HMV is no longer at Heeren. Maybe it’s just me. πŸ™‚
    Han Cheng: Kopitiam coffee can? πŸ˜›

  3. They’ve lost the customer experience many years back. Just like tower records. But I feel tower records is a little classy than hmv

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