Beware of imitations when buying the capsule speaker

One of my favorite gadget that I’ve reviewed this year is the X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker. They are small, yet ultra powerful. You got to try one yourself to believe it.
The only problem with the X-Mini 2 Capsule Speakers is that there are lots of imitations out there. And I notice that shops in Funan and Sim Lim like to put the original X-Mini 2 Capsule Speakers together with the imitations. I’ve listened to the sound quality of the imitations. None of them come anywhere close to the sound quality produced by the X-Mini 2. Which is why whenever someone told me they are looking for the X-Mini 2 capsule speakers, I always tell them to beware of imitation. The original X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker comes in this packaging.

The packaging for the X-Mini Max 2 Capsule Speakers is also similar to this. So remember, if you are buying the Capsule Speakers, get the original. There is a huge difference in the sound quality.
PS: I just bought 2 X-Mini 2 Capsule Speakers for myself. Lovin it. 🙂


  1. But.. Those things – the real ones – are terrible!
    Yes, they’re loud. Yes, they’re small.
    But – they are horribly distorted and wayyy overpriced.
    Great marketing though! Thumbs up for the packaging.

  2. Drew: That is weird. I got 2 units here and they aren’t distorted. Neither are the units that my friends bought. Could it be a defective unit?

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