Remember to pay your TV licence

MediaCorp’s news arm, TodayOnline, written an article reminding everyone to pay our TV license. How nice. After all, TV licence fees are used to fund free-to-air public service broadcasting (PSB) programmes on MediaCorp.
According to MDA, over 3,000 hours of programmes are supported each year. Public service broadcasting programmes received 22 nominations at last year’s Asian Television Awards. 8 in 10 of the “most appreciated” TV shows in 2007-2008 were PSB supported. Without TV licence, shows like The Little Nyonya will not be possible.
Wait a minute. The Little Nyonya is a PSB supported show. But judging from the amount of advertising and product endorsement MediaCorp got from the show, I think they don’t really need to be PSB supported. After all, good show has high viewership and earn more advertisement money. And the bad shows shouldn’t be made in the first place. So why are we still paying TV license? The shows should be able to support themselves thru advertising right?
PS: Our neighbour in the north has already abolished the TV license since 1999. Perhaps we should try to catch up with them.
PS2: I think on average, I spend less than 1 hour a week watching TV. And none of them are PSB programs. Damn, I’m not making full use of the TV licence fee.
PS3: Too bad my dad still watch TV. Else I’ll throw away the TV set and save the TV licence fee. Maybe I should teach him how to use computer to watch YouTube instead.
PS4: Can bloggers apply for public service broadcasting funding? Afterall, our blog entries are also promoting values important to Singaporeans, touching on identity, culture, heritage, racial and religious harmony. Hmmmm…….

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  1. Actually, if you live in a residence with a StarHub cable point, you have to pay the TV license, even if you don’t have a TV in your house.
    This is a misconception a lot of young house-owners who don’t have TVs in their house have. No TV does not equal no need for TV license.

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