New Media: Where the most intensive fights will be

I’m quite amused by the recent comment made by MP Teo Ser Luck on the extensive use of new media at the PAP Convention:

“That’s where the most intensive fights will be.”

This is not the first time I heard MP from PAP saying that New Media will be a battle ground for the next election. I don’t know the full context for the interview, but saying that the most intensive fight will be on New Media just doesn’t sound right.
You see, New Media is for you to engage, not fight. Perhaps PAP should learn from the PR agencies and companies who are using New Media. They come into New Media to engage their supporters and opposers, not fight a war with them. You cannot expect everyone to love you, kiss your ass and smell your fart on the New Media. You engage them, convince them and hope that you can convert them. But if you can’t, then perhaps make them your biggest critics. Whatever you do, remember that new media is for engaging, not fighting.
If you come into New Media with the mindset of fighting, then all you going to get out of it is a fight. And trust me, it’s going to be a big nasty fight.


  1. Priscilla: I also hope its a wrong choice of words and not their mindset. This is not the first time I heard them saying they are going to fight in New Media. Somehow I got this feeling that they still don’t understand how new media works. I think they still think that everyone on new media is against them and they have to fight us.
    You and I know that if that is the kind of mindset they have, they are going to suffer badly.

  2. I think the mindset has always been to “control”. It is Singapore! I’ve talked to folks who are in civil service and they commented that their bosses are afraid of engaging in new media because it’s something they can’t control and can’t justify their “ROI”. I thought those comments are amusing.
    btw…just saw this news .
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  3. He probably meant ‘fight’ to engage netizens. And it’s an uphill fight. After all, the net has been flooded with more anti-gahmen or gahmen-hostile sites than probably… ants.

  4. Teo ser luck doesnt know what he is talking about. When his bosses ask him how big is the group that doesnt want to play ball with PAP. His reply is always the same. It is the minority. If you ask him how many people do not agree with his worldview again it is the minority. So this fellow is good at giving out just minority reports.
    The real situation is most thinkers and the ppl who are most passionate abt our country and how genuinely want things to improve. The really smart people have already all gone underground.
    They are going into private rooms and talking there. They dont even want to blog openly anymore and most prefer to just talk to 40 or so regular forummers. May be small, but when you count how many rooms are out there, Teo ser luck is dead wrong, it is not the minority as it remains very much the unseen majority.
    You dee kay are the minority.
    Go underground.

  5. It will be a clean sweep by the PAP again in coming election. Dont dream of any fight. You simply cannot crack the GRC system. This has been proven and proven in elections after election. The GRC most innovative, bold and suitable for timid, compliant, kiasu, kiasi and greedy Singaporeans who feel good that their HDB prices are rising. It can only happen in Singapore. You fellows dont waste your time debating about this. Either you be a good boy here or you can quit this country. Sorry it is going to be the first country in world and on record for a perpetual rule for decades to come.

  6. Dear seng kong, thank you for being sharp enough to know that the GRC system guarantees the PAP’s political control for a long time. That, coupled with an obedient mainstream media and the new NMP scheme is all they need really, they don’t even really need to “fight” on the Internet.
    But things might change once the 80 something year old passes. Not because they willingly “liberalise”, but because they don’t know how to effectively use the immense power at their disposal.

  7. Thank you. You are right that there is probably a better word than ‘fight’. It has always been to engage. One of the comments spoke some truth to the situation today and closest to what it was meant to be. That every site or fb account is really ‘fighting’ for the attention, drawing in the eyeballs to engage. It is indeed a challenging task but cannot be ignored by any political parties.

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