Republic of Singapore Navy "Beyond Horizons" advertisement

This advertisement by the Navy caught my attention lately.

The Navy is well known for making interesting recruitment advertisement. But this advertisement got me thinking about 1 thing….
The Internal Security Department should bring that guy in for questioning. He has a physical journal filled with photos on the Navy’s operations, crews, ships, weapons and maps. Surely that is a breach of security. And he accidentally drop the journal in the public. What if that journal lands in the hands of terrorist?
PS: I’m just kidding. Don’t take this blog entry seriously. It’s Sunday.


  1. pink magnolia: Of cos it doesn’t. 🙂
    If it does, I will have to demand the Navy to have their personnels drop their journal in public for me to pick up and read. I think like that they will be super bo eng leh. Hahaha

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