McDonalds Singapore is listening, Doraemon in pig costume coming in April

It seems like all the complaints about McDonalds Singapore not releasing the Doraemon in pig costume didn’t go unheard. McDonalds has apologized for excluding the pig in the Zodiac series.

The Doraemon in pig costume will be coming out sometime in Mid-April because they need time for production. Like the rest of the Doraemon in the series, it will be sold for $2. But this time round, all nett proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity. Good move, McDonalds Singapore!
Credits to McDonalds Singapore for listening to the feedback from Singaporeans and apologising for their mistake. Sorry is often the hardest word to say and I’m glad they managed to find the courage to say it.


  1. Actually it will be good for the first week launch to be repeated too as this series was not made to all…Dragon, Tiger

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