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Urban Tool, a wildly popular brand across Europe and Australia, is here in Singapore. I was invited to their boutique at Square 2 recently to check out their latest bag and accessories. The bags from Urban Tool is very different from the usual bags you see. Instead of carrying the bag, you wear them. And all of them are very well designed. It’s sort of like geek fashion. There are lots of pockets for your phone, MP3 player, wallets, keys, thumbdrive and other gadgets.

The pockets are cleverly designed so that it doesn’t need a zips to keep your items securely in your bag. And we know it is pretty secure because they got some breakdancers to wear their bag while break dancing.

The hipHolster is my favorite bag in their collection. It has 3 pockets for your medium sized gadget like phone and camera. And a small slot for smaller gadgets like MP3 player. The thing I like most is the leg strap that keeps the hipHolster close to your body. But if you don’t like the leg strap, you can always remove it. I like the hipHolster a lot. Very suitable for me if I want to travel light. Just take my iPhone, iPhone backup battery and camera in the pocket and I’m ready to go.

They have a ihipHolster which comes with iPod controls at the side.

The slotBar is a A5 size bag. It has a A5 size pocket suitable for netbook. There is also several pockets for your camera, phones and MP3 player. Although it’s a sling bag, you can wear it like a waist pouch.

The basicHolster reminds me of those gun holster that police officer wear inside their jacket. But instead of carrying a gun, there are 2 pockets for your gadgets. I think it is very suitable for those who have to wear a jacket and shirt in office. All your gadgets are close to you. But if you dare to be different, wear it without a jacket covering.

And for those who like crystal, they have Swarovski edition for some of the bags. Looks beautiful, but I guess it’s more for the ladies.
Check out Urban Tool website for more bags and accessories. (PS: They have better looking models there) The Urban Tool boutique in Singapore is at Square 2, #02-60. (Next to Novena MRT station)

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