Bicycle stolen in broad daylight in Orchard Road

I was reading the news in disbelief. Greg Browning, a British cyclist on a road trip from England to Australia, had his bicycle stolen in Singapore, Orchard Road. And it was in broad daylight at 3pm on Wednesday.
How could that happen? This guy has been to places where the chances of him being rob is much higher. Yet his bicycle was stolen in Singapore where we are supposed to have low crime rate. And that’s Orchard road on a weekday afternoon. Is there something wrong here? Has our crime rate gone up lately?
It’s a disgrace to Singapore who pride ourselves as a country with low crime rate. I hope Greg Browning could find a replacement bike soon. Sorry that this sort of thing happen in my country. Hope the police find the thief soon.


  1. Yes, theft on the dramatic rise in Singapore, I lost 4 bicycles since coming to Singapore, and in this month alone I lost 2 bicycles, one of which was stolen outside of Jurong Point, in bright day light.

  2. I say it’s probably some 15 or 16year olds doing it for fun.
    I was once in a “bike-gang”, we would cycle around looking for bikes, and they would steal the bikes, while I stood one side in silence.
    I don’t know how they managed to break the locks with their bare hands, they’re capable of just, opening locks within a few seconds.

  3. Then again, not to actually pinpoint, since the rise of a certain group of people here, they are the ones who use bicycles the most.. hmm i doubt the ones who stole them bikes are Singaporeans!

  4. Anonymous coward, you confirmed my suspicion! I always feel that school holidays are the most dangerous time that bicycles are very likely to be stolen, in whole or in parts.
    I have lost a couple of bicycles but the one I am using has been with me since 1996. See
    Btw, I once [stupidly] took an hour to saw open my pad lock during the morning peak hours at the bicycle stand below Kallang MRT. Not a single person came to challenge me if I am stealing? May be thieves are not as stupid as me. Anyway, broad daylight serves no deterrence.
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  5. Back2Nature: I’m surprised. I would thought someone would call the police if they see you trying to break the bicycle lock.

  6. i can offer a solution. Park your bicycle without fear of losing it. I have an new system that no one can cut the chain. only to pay a very small parking fees around your area. Bicycle Owner and lover will you go for it….

  7. I just lost my bicycle when parking at Hotel Windsor. I parked it there around 10am and locked it. When I’m going for lunch I noticed our bicycles weren’t there. 🙁
    We made a complaint to the police too.

  8. My bicycle was not stolen but they took my blinking light and some screws. I cannot use my bicycle now because of that, the screw that holds my pedal and wheel is lost. Perhaps some bored young people did it just for fun. I am really upset and disappointed. I thought it is safe here in Singapore. Sigh!

  9. Once before I believe in Singapore, such a low crime rate country should be safe even I read some post online saying they lost their bicycle.
    I bought a “better” lock and locked it with the tree beside the main corridor, in front of Citisquare Mall. Within an hour, my bicycle lost.

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