Pre-sales of the JooJoo went up after the iPad announcement

You didn’t read the title wrongly. Pre-sales of the JooJoo went up after the iPad announcement. SERIOUSLY! But not I say one. Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan, CEO of Fusion Garage said that during an interview with SGEntrepreneurs.
Really? Pre-sales of the JooJoo went up after the iPad announcement?
Look, the iPad is not a perfect device. It didn’t live up to the hype generated. There are several shortcomings. There are some things that I think Apple could have done better on the iPad. But having said that, I do not see how the JooJoo would solve those problems better than the iPad.
For a start, the iPad’s battery life is 10hr while the JooJoo has only 5hr. I’m actually surprised that the iPad managed to get such long battery life. I suspect it could be because of the custom A4 processor by Apple. JooJoo, on the other hand, is using a Intel Atom Z530 processor.
In term of pricing, the iPad (lowest end version) and JooJoo both cost the same at $499. The JooJoo has a 12.1 inch screen which is bigger than the 9.7 inch iPad. It also has a camera which the iPad doesn’t. The JooJoo can even play Flash. But do you remember the Creative Zen? In terms of specs, the Creative Zen is better than the Apple iPod. The Zen even cost cheaper than the iPod. But who is the market leader for MP3 player?
In term of user experience, the iPad wins JooJoo hands down. Apple is well known for it’s touchscreen. The JooJoo on the other hand isn’t that responsive when it comes to the touchscreen. We’ve seen during the hands-on video that even typing a short URL seems to be a challenge. Speaking of virtual keyboard, I personally don’t like the iPad’s virtual keyboard. But honestly speaking, the JooJoo’s virtual keyboard is even worst. Well, at least the iPad got a keyboard dock and can connect to a bluetooth keyboard. Does the JooJoo have accessories? Can it connect to a bluetooth keyboard?
And the thing that makes the iPad different from the JooJoo is the developer ecosystem behind the device. We all know that the iPad can run existing iPhone applications. That’s 140,000 apps and growing everyday. And the iPad also comes with iBook which allows users to buy books directly on the device. (Although the service is currently only available in the US) Does JooJoo has any similar service?
How many 3rd party apps does the JooJoo has? How many 3rd party developers sign up for their developer program? Hmmmm… Let me guess. Somewhere between 0 to 10? Maximum 12! Cannot be more than 13. But that is just my wild guess. You never know. I might be wrong. If the pre-sales of JooJoo can go up after the iPad announcement, anything can happen. Maybe they could have millions of developers queuing up for their SDK and wanting to develop for JooJoo.
But wait, even if there are millions of developers wanting to develop applications for JooJoo, they can’t. I quote Chandra’s interview with Venture Beat:

Venture Beat: Will there be JooJoo apps?
Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan: No. Most of the apps in Apple’s store are a reflection of things that are already on the Internet. And now you have to build them twice — once for the iPhone, and once for the much larger, higher resolution iPad screen. Our app store will be the entire Internet, completely open and completely uncompromised.

Honestly, Chandra has no idea the phenomenon behind the iPhone apps store and how it make the iPhone successful. It is so successful that almost all the other mobile OS copied this idea. We all know that webapps is not as good as native apps. Instead of looking into ways that developers can create applications for JooJoo, Chandra decides to downplay something that is clearly successful. OK, maybe he is right. Even if they have their SDK and Apps Store, who will develop for the JooJoo to begin with?
You may think that I’m being an Apple fan boy here. But honestly, I’m not impressed by the iPad. I felt that it could had been better. I’ve been telling everyone that I won’t be getting the iPad. But if someone points a gun at my head and ask me to choose between the iPad or JooJoo, I’ll choose the iPad. Just look at the pictures.

The choice is pretty obvious.
Which is why it really puzzled me when I saw the interview with Chandra. Pre-sales of the JooJoo went up after the iPad announcement? Seriously? Really? Wow, that must be the 8th wonder of the world. Come on! I know you guys are all very skeptical about this. But miracles do happen. You never know, they might find Osama hiding inside the White House tomorrow.
PS: Increase in pre-sale by 1 is not counted hor.


  1. Personally, I think you are comparing two devices with very different design philosophies. Again, if the Joojoo built on a RTM version of Chrome OS, then perhaps it would have greater potential….

  2. Xizor: Agree that it will have greater potential if they run Chrome OS. But end of the day, its still like iPod vs Zen. You can’t beat Apple just with specs. You need to fight with design, services and user experience.

  3. The one thing about user experience is that is not in the good things that people talk about. True user experience is found in the user forums, or the support page. There, is where you see the gripes and the true pain that user faces.
    As for design, I am always in the opinion that design matters because many users today has gone lazy. Apple has gone a long way to cater to those who don’t really understand technology (or else specs would matter the most) but want to be cool by acting ‘geeky’.
    Either way, I personally also don’t think the Joojoo would be a worthy contender of the iTouch XL (I refuse to call it iPad). Just pointing out that the comparison here was a little off.

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