Did you google for "Facebook login"?

Just curious. Does anyone here google for “Facebook login” when they want to login their facebook account? Well, it seems like quite a number of people does that. And here’s the problem, sometime last week, a popular website call ReadWriteWeb wrote an article about Facebook and it become the number 1 results when you google for the phrase “Facebook login”. (The article is currently the 2nd result when you google for facebook login)
And what amuse me was the fact that people think that is the new facebook login page and started complaining about not being able to login. It doesn’t help when the comment section allow you to login with facebook to leave a comment. The situation was so bad that the editor have to update the article to inform users that the site they are seeing is not facebook’s login page.

Dear visitors from Google. This site is not Facebook. This is a website called ReadWriteWeb that reports on news about Facebook and other Internet services. You can however click here and become a Fan of ReadWriteWeb on Facebook, to receive our updates and learn more about the Internet. To access Facebook right now, click here. For future reference, type “facebook.com” into your browser address bar or enter “facebook” into Google and click on the first result. We recommend that you then save Facebook as a bookmark in your browser.

I must say that it’s a very well written notice. Can’t help laughing when I read it though. It’s like trying to imply that you are a moron in a nice way.
You might be wondering, how did this happen? Why did the article from ReadWriteWeb appear 1st when someone google for “Facebook Login”? Well, I guess it is good Search engine optimization (SEO). Maybe a bit too good.
This might be a big issue in the near future. What if one day everyone becomes SEO experts and hijack the search results, be it intentionally or unintentionally? Will it become more and more difficult for us to search in the future? Or will search engine become smarter than SEO?


  1. “Facebook login”? That’s incredibly stupid. Why not just type the url of Facebook itself? If their browser caches, then it’s made even easier.
    That particular website looks so different from Facebook I can’t imagine why people would mistaken it as Facebook in the first place. Morons indeed.
    .-= Jezebella´s last blog ..Why Terry’s demotion is necessary =-.

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