Imagine the future where everything is connected to the internet

If you ask me what is the greatest invention of the 20th century, my answer would definitely be the Internet. Internet really changed the way people live. It revolutionize the way we communicate and search for information. It enables several technologies that are important to our daily life. This blog would not be possible without the invention of internet. And the best part about internet is that it is still evolving and we are discovering new ways to use it everyday.
I think that Internet will continue to impact our life for the whole of this century. Internet is no longer just restricted to desktops and cables. As we become more and more mobile, Internet has also become mobile with our gadget via WIFI, WI-MAX and 3G. And we can expect to see more ways to bring internet to you at a faster speed, regardless where you are.
I think in the future, almost all devices will be connected to the internet. Almost everything! We are already seeing this tread where lots of devices are able to connect to the internet. Mobile phones, TV, Cars and even fridge are able to connect to the internet. And it doesn’t need to restrict to just high tech devices. I’ve even seen a weighing machine able to connect to the internet to update your weight to google health and tweet about your weight lost progress. (PS: That weighing machine is now in my wishlist. Haha)
We can expect to see more devices connecting to the internet and communicate with each other. Try to imagine the unlimited possibilities when all devices are able to communicate with each other. Imagine your espresso machines telling your favorite online store that you are running out of coffee beans and placing an order before hell break loose. Or your car informing your bathtub that you are approaching home so that it can fill the tub with hot water and awaits your arrival.
In fact, these are actually not futuristic. The technology to do all these is already here. The only thing that is lacking is a standard protocol for all devices to communicate. A set of API which allows developers to access the services provided by the device. And also a widespread adoption of the protocols. But we are not seeing it happening now because this is going to be something tough to implement. We can expect several protocols in the beginning with different companies supporting different protocols. Imagine something like the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD standard war, but in a far larger scale with almost all devices makers in the world involved.
The war for the standard protocol is going to hinder the development. But if all the companies can come together and adopt a standard protocol for communicating with each other over internet, imagine what the future will be.
What will you do if all your devices are able to communicate with each other thru internet?
PS: I’m using this blog entry to take part in the HP Blog A Trend contest.


  1. Google Buzz…. This is the open protocol you are searching for… The future is here.
    I’m giving my Japanese microwave an account now.

  2. Xinyi: That would be nice. Plus maybe also warn you when your food expire. But that will require everything to come with a RFID tag. Another protocols, another standard that needs to be adopted.
    Cneil: Haha. You know what? As I was writing this article, I was thinking that Google would be the best company to kick start the standard.

  3. Isnt that the Matrix? I was on Google buzz, I wonder what they will call stalkers there? I particularlly dont enjoy my weight being online, but a self replinishing fridge from Samsung, I wouldnt mind

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