If you think PDF files are safe, think again

If you think PDF files are safe, think again. Recent reports shows that rogue PDFs account for 80% of all exploits in Q4 2009. That’s a huge jump from Q1 of 2009 where malicious PDF files account for 56% of all exploits tracked by ScanSafe.
Interesting results. I’ve heard about PDF exploits for quite some time but never expect such a huge percentage. I was actually expecting websites or browser exploits to top the chart.
Perhaps one of the reason why PDF exploits are up is because of the wide adoptions of PDF and the mentality that PDF files are safe. Afterall, they are just PDF files. What damage can they do? Right? Well, actually quite a lot. Like allowing arbitrary code execution or change security settings.
As usual, it is best to practice safety rules when you are online. Remember to always keep your softwares up to date.


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