One more reason on why you shouldn’t create your website entirely on flash

I’ve blogged about 10 reason why you shouldn’t make your website entirely on flash previously. If you are a website designer, please read them.
In case you are still not convinced, here is another:
11. Adobe have yet to fix a bug that crashes the browser which was reported in September 2008. (Warning: The site contains a flash that will crash all flash running on your browser, regardless which tab they are running on. Although it doesn’t crash the browser entirely, it is advisable for you to save everything before you click on it)
I know this applies to all Flash, not just website that is built entirely on Flash. But imagine if your entire website crash because of this bug.
School should teach students to stop designing website entirely on Flash. It’s ok to have snippets of flash on your site. But never ever build a website entirely on Flash. Or have too much Flash.
PS: I feel like compiling a list of all the websites that are built entirely on Flash and point out all their flaws so that the website developers will wake up their ideas.


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