How to skip the trailers on an original DVD?

Saw this interesting chart on facebook about why people pirate DVD.

I must say that it brought up an interesting and valid point. It’s like DRM music. Why punish the paying customers?
But actually, do you know that you can skip all these “unskipable” warning message and trailers? I heard it on the Cnet podcast recently. When the trailers are playing, press STOP, STOP then PLAY on the DVD player. That should skip those crap and go straight to the menu. It should work for all DVD players. I haven’t got the chance to try it out yet. Let me know if it works.
But then, it still doesn’t give the DVD makers the excuse to put all those crap on the DVD. How many people actually knows about how to skip them? Not many, I would say. What’s the point of putting all those anti-piracy advertisements and message when the person had already paid for the DVD? Those message should be on the pirated DVD instead.


  1. Neo Wee Wu: Can’t just blame the DVD makers. Have to blame the movie industry too.
    Julian: Got it from online.
    Mintea: Next time try press Stop 2 times then play. See if it works. 🙂

  2. Sure, it may be skippable, but (1) how many people know that? (2) what’s the ‘skip’ button for if you have to press any other buttons? I’m not just looking for some things to complain about, but being a pirate is still WAY easier 😛

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