Not So Secret Lives: Crossroads

I was invited to attend the blogger preview of Not So Secret Lives: Crossroads. Not So Secret Lives (NSSL) tells a story of 2 youths, Trey and Jesse, and the friends around them using a blog. The story is fictional but the issues are real. Through their blog, Trey and Jesse will talk about often taboo subjects like sex, HIV and STI. It’s like a TV drama but happening on a blog instead of TV. Cool huh?

Not So Secret Lives: Crossroad is a continuation of the successful season 1 last year. But not to worry if you didn’t follow season 1. You won’t be lost when following the story in season 2. But if you are interested, you can also read about what happen in Season 1 at the website.
The new season begins with Trey finding himself awake the next day morning in a hotel room, naked. And there is a strand of black hair. Ah, I guess it’s pretty obvious what happened last night. Let’s see how things turns out between Trey and Jesse.
Check out Not So Secret Lives: Crossroad as the story slowly unfolds. (Warning: Heavily Flashed website with auto-play background music) You can also join their facebook group here.

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